Illegal pork smuggling operation busted: Over 10 tonnes seized

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An illegal pork shop in Chon Buri province has been raided by a special squad from the Department of Livestock Development, local police, and officials from the Consumer Protection Police (CPP). A staggering total of approximately 10,307.4 kilograms of unauthorized pork had been smuggled into the shop from Nakhon Pathom and Nakhon Ratchasima provinces. This illicit practice breaches sanitary regulations, potentially posing a risk of contamination and endangering consumers.

Yesterday, the Department of Livestock Development along with the CPP authorities launched a surprise check on a large-scale pork shop in Sri Racha district, Chon Buri. The shop, named Chok Amphai Fresh Pork, was reported to be illegally transporting pork from various districts without necessary permits and untraceable sources. The unhygienic translocation methods pose a threat to consumer safety as they could potentially contaminate the meat with harmful bacteria, and further lead to health hazards.

Veterinarian Somchuan Rattanamangkalanon, the Director-General of the Department of Livestock Development, revealed that the squad launched the operation at three minutes past midnight today. Along with the Chonburi Animal Quarantine Station, Lat Krabang Animal Quarantine Station, and Suvarnabhumi Airport Animal Quarantine Station, the joint forces meticulously inspected three cold storage rooms. The units also scrutinized three pickup trucks used for smuggling a total of 10,307.4 kilograms of illegal pork, reported KhaoSod.

The illegal pork transportation was handled using three pickups:

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– An Isuzu refrigerated pickup, registered in Bangkok, made the journey carrying 3,123.8 kilograms of pork from Nakhon Pathom.

– A Mitsubishi cage truck, registered in Bangkok, transported 3,391.7 kilograms of pork, also from Nakhon Pathom.

– Another Isuzu cage truck, this one registered in Kamphaeng Phet, brought in 3,791.9 kilograms of illegal pork.

These operations contravene regulations, exposing the business owner to multiple charges under the Animal Epidemic Act 2015, and the Animal Killing and Meat Sale Control Act 2016.

Officials temporarily seized all the pork in the cold storage of Chok Amphai Fresh Pork shop and have taken samples for laboratory testing at the Department’s lab. These samples will be checked for animal disease pathogens, pathogenic bacteria, and potential contamination to ensure good preventive measures.

The operation is part of the Clean Pork project, a primary policy of the Department of Livestock aimed to control and monitor epidemics alongside maintaining a consistent pork price to ensure farmers can cultivate and sell pigs at a sufficient profit margin. Veterinarian Somchuan emphasised that these efforts are put in place to assure food safety and security for all Thai citizens.

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