Chiang Mai teens seen vaping, sniffing glue in public in downtown

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A group of audacious Chiang Mai teenagers, all under the age of 16, astounded onlookers with their outrageous behavior near the historic city moat in Chiang Mai. Their exploits included frolicking in the water, engaging in provocative dance moves, and using electronic cigarettes and inhalants, all while blatantly ignoring the stares and concerns of passersby who observed them.

Four males and two females were having fun in the city’s moat near the Thammapakorn nursing home in Chiang Mai. After playing in the water, they gathered near an old guard post, smoked electronic cigarettes, and danced provocatively. These actions occurred during the daytime in the presence of locals and foreign tourists who witnessed the group with suspicion.

Despite multiple occasions of these public gatherings, the teens fled when they noticed people taking photos of them. Upon investigation at the scene today, the group of teens was not found; it is possible that they have returned to school. However, alcohol bottles and cans, cigarette packets, and plastic bags with adhesive still remained on the ground.

This situation has raised concerns and calls for responsible agencies and parents to examine the matter closely. Protecting children from harmful behaviour that could lead to legal issues or worse is important. We can protect their futures by taking preventive measures and offering guidance and support.

Even though electronic cigarettes are not officially legal in Thailand, many teenagers use them. The head of a pro-e-cigarette group in Thailand believes that making vaping legal would not only make it easier to control among the young people, but it would also make it safer than the dreaded cancer stick. Read more HERE.

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