English?! Why should we have to learn that? Thai university students grumble over language requirement

Students at Rajamangala University of Technology in Chiang Mai province are whinging about having to demonstrate basic English abilities in order to enrol in courses at the institution. The Daily News reports that the students, with the support of their parents, have made an official complaint about the requirement, which they say should not apply to Thai courses.

Students are currently required to learn up to 550 English words and pass an English test before being admitted on to a course at the university. They say the stipulation has a negative impact on their education and future job prospects and that while they acknowledge the importance of English, it should not be required for Thai courses.

The director of the university has now agreed to meet with the students and look into their complaint as well as explaining the broader need for basic English language as a necessity in Thai courses. The English requirement has long been viewed as controversial, with some accusing the university of using the language course as a money-making tool.

SOURCE: Daily News | Thai Visa

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