Staff injured, property damaged as gang rampages through 2 Bangkok hospitals

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Gang members have gone on a rampage through 2 Bangkok hospitals, injuring medical personnel and causing significant damage to property. Violence first erupted at Vibharam-Chaiprakan Hospital in Samut Prakan, just south of the city, when doctors were unable to save the life of one gang member who’d been injured in a fight a few hours before. His death led to 15 gang members unleashing a reign of terror that injured 3 hospital staff members.

The gang then travelled to Muangsamut Hospital, where a member of a rival gang, allegedly responsible for the attack on their friend, was being treated. The group used baseball bats and other items they picked up in the hospital, including mops and chairs, to attack those visiting their injured rival. In the ensuing chaos, windows were smashed, and some hospital equipment was damaged, with the gang then fleeing the scene.

Police say the problems stemmed from a knife fight between both gangs that resulted in 23 year old Ratchapong Vassana being fatally injured and bleeding to death in the emergency room at Vibharam-Chaiprakan Hospital. 2 other men were injured in the fight. Police say they are now collecting evidence and the suspects will be charged with causing death and injury. Additional charges will be levied at those who carried out attacks at the hospitals, including aggravated assault, property damage, and invasion of a medical facility.

A representative from Muangsamut Hospital has declined to give a statement, saying they are unable to do so while the investigation is ongoing.

SOURCE: Coconuts

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