Thai Man drowns in canal after getting entangled in fishing net

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A tragic incident occurred when a 48 year old Thai man named Wichai drowned in a canal after getting entangled in a fishing net while collecting clams. The man suffered from poor health and typically would not undertake such tasks himself, but he had accepted a 200 baht order for clams. His lifeless body was spotted by a friend in Bang Bua Thong district in the central Nonthaburi province.

At around 7.30am this morning, local police and rescue workers were called to the scene after a resident reported a body floating face down in the canal. Wichai was found wearing only black shorts, and his shirt and flip-flops were found on the bank around 60 metres from the body. Wichai’s friend, 36 year old Griang Sak, disclosed that he discovered the body when he went to pick up a forgotten fishing net.

Wichai was known to have weak physical health and could barely swim. He and his group of friends typically collected clams together, with Wichai remaining on the shore while the others gathered the clams for him. According to Griang, Wichai’s decision to collect the clams alone was due to the 200 baht order, which he didn’t tell anyone in the group about.

The victim’s son revealed that his father usually didn’t collect clams by himself because of his weak legs and fear of leeches. An entangled fishing net was found on Wichai’s left arm when his body was discovered, which is believed to have caused him to drown without anyone noticing. The family accepted the events leading to his death and planned to conduct a religious ceremony for Wichai.

This news comes after another drowning incident in Thailand just yesterday.

A 27 year old Myanmar fisherman tragically drowned in the Mae Klong River after he slipped while walking on a wet dock in Thailand’s central Samut Songkhram province. Despite challenging conditions, rescue teams found the body after an extensive four-hour search.

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