Bolt boosts safety in Thailand with new app features

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European mobility company Bolt strengthened its safety protocols in Thailand by introducing new measures designed to support both drivers and riders. A new feature, driver selfie verification, has been added to the ride-hailing application to minimise instances of driver impersonation and bolster safety for all users.

In addition, Bolt launched an innovative trip safety monitoring feature. This facility allows the company to automatically reach out to drivers and passengers via the app if a vehicle is stationary for a prolonged period, ensuring the well-being of all parties involved.

The feature is equipped with options for drivers and passengers to directly contact emergency services, share ongoing trip details, or request assistance from Bolt through a simple in-app notification. These enhancements are part of Bolt’s ongoing commitment to improve user safety by investing in advanced features on its platform.

Nathadon Suksiritarnan, the manager of Bolt in Thailand, emphasised the company’s dedication to safety.

“At Bolt, safety is our top priority and we regularly invest in new products and features to continue to improve the safety ecosystem of the Bolt app, offering drivers and riders a high-quality ride-hailing experience.”

Bolt has previously implemented safety measures such as an SOS button, enabling drivers and riders to contact the police at the touch of a button, reported Bangkok Post. Additionally, a Share My Ride feature has been introduced, allowing users to share a link with their real-time journey information, reported Bangkok Post.

The company has expressed its intention to continue its investment in enhancing user safety by identifying and discouraging any inappropriate behaviour by drivers and passengers.

In related news, a Thai woman slammed Bolt Thailand for overcharging her taxi ride from BITEC Bangna to Bangkok University costs 1,350 baht (US$39) instead of the estimated 300-400 baht (US$8.69-11.59). Concerns were raised over Bolt’s pricing structure and service reliability.

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