Businesses ride the AI technology wave: Boosting creativity and productivity in Thailand


The world of business has seen a seismic shift as artificial intelligence (AI) takes centre stage. AI technology is being harnessed to enhance creativity and productivity, with millions already reaping the benefits.

The rise in AI-powered products from startups and organisations is visibly transforming every industry sector. Canva, a widely used visual communication platform in Thailand, is a prime example. By incorporating Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities in language translation, Canva is now able to provide non-English speaking users with the ability to easily translate various content into over a hundred languages.

Canva is also experimenting with Google’s PaLM (Pathways Language Model) technology to extend short videos into longer, more engaging pieces. This has significantly enriched the design experience, providing a broader spectrum of options for creating attention-grabbing content.

For marketers and business leaders, AI technology is an area of keen interest.

The State of AI, a study by McKinsey, revealed that marketing is the domain most likely to benefit from AI use across all sizes of businesses, industries and regions.

Digital technologies have revolutionised marketing, changing how information is consumed and how brands engage with their audiences. In Southeast Asia last year, 76% of shoppers used five or more channels to shop during peak sales events, a testament to the increasingly complex purchase decisions consumers are making.

Consumer Preferences

This shift in consumer preferences means marketers must rapidly analyse data, glean customer insights and adapt their brand strategies. Fortunately, recent advancements in AI technology are facilitating this process, enabling marketers to resonate with customers more effectively.

For instance, Google’s large language models are now 50% better at understanding human language. When a consumer uses Google Search with a buying intent, these language models can comprehend the intricacies of the search and guide the consumer to the most relevant information.

These enhancements have led to tangible business outcomes. Isuzu Thailand, for instance, has not only grown its business in the challenging post-pandemic years but has also emerged as the market leader in pickup trucks. By employing AI-based marketing solutions from Google, Isuzu has managed to analyse vast volumes of data to identify and connect with potential customers in real-time.

Despite the benefits, questions about the impact of AI technology on industries persist. As technology companies, the responsibility to understand and address these concerns is crucial. AI is not seen as a replacement for human talent, but as a tool that complements human capabilities and even creates new job opportunities, reported Bangkok Post.

Integrating AI technology into workplaces should be a thoughtful process, where it is used for tasks that enable people to focus on more creative, complex and strategic projects. Equally important is ensuring people have the necessary skills and knowledge to use AI effectively.

Even as AI technologies advance, marketers will remain at the helm, providing the insights and expertise necessary to guide AI towards delivering the best results.

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