AI surge anticipated in devices following CES reveals

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Tech analysts are anticipating a surge in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) assistants in devices such as PCs and smartphones. This follows several AI-related announcements at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The new products include AMD’s Ryzen 8000 series of processors, the complete range of Intel’s 14th Gen processors, and a variety of laptops featuring new AI-enabled Intel Core Ultra processors.

Maciek Gornicki, senior research manager for devices at IDC Asia/Pacific, believes these advancements will greatly enhance the user experience and productivity. They offer the potential for automating tasks from recording and summarising meetings to video editing and other repetitive tasks.

Microsoft is also set to release critical updates to Windows 11, providing further AI computational capabilities on devices. Gornicki sees multiple opportunities for PC vendors, users, and independent software vendors with these AI-enabled PCs. However, he does not predict any significant surge in PC sales. Instead, he expects a gradual replacement of the PC installed base over the coming years, driving up the price of PCs and growing the premium segment.

Panutat Tejasen, founder of ThaiGPT Co, predicts that these new AI capabilities will revolutionise the user interface between people and machines, reducing the need for touchscreens. He foresees the emergence of an AI agent that can perform tasks at the user’s command, either voiced or typed. Tejasen believes that software developers will see additional opportunities to capitalise on these AI agents and that existing mobile apps will need to change their user interfaces to support them.

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Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, recently spoke at the company’s “AI Everywhere” event in New York City, stating that AI innovation could boost the digital economy’s impact by up to one-third of global GDP. He also announced the strengthening of Intel’s AI portfolio with the launch of Intel Core Ultra processors and the AI-accelerated 5th Gen Xeon processor family for enterprises.

Gelsinger revealed that Intel is partnering with over 100 software vendors to bring several hundred AI-powered apps to the PC market. By 2024, Intel Core Ultra is expected to bring AI to more than 230 designs developed by laptop and PC makers worldwide. He predicts that AI PCs will make up 80% of the PC market by 2028, providing new tools for work, learning, and creativity.

Canalys, a global tech research firm, believes a new generation of AI-enabled PCs will transform the way people work, enhancing productivity and creativity. The firm predicts that the adoption of AI-enabled PCs will initially be limited to specific business functions and tech-savvy users but will expand over the next five years, reported Bangkok Post.

By 2027, Canalys predicts that 60% of PCs will be AI-capable. Samsung also plans to offer a flagship model of the Galaxy S24 Series by January 18, featuring a mobile AI experience powered by both on-device AI developed at Samsung and cloud-based AI enabled by open collaborations with industry leaders.

In related news, Thailand, striving to be Southeast Asia’s AI hub by 2027, partnered with global tech firms, including Huawei, for cloud data centres and AI skill development, promoting economic growth.

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