Top Bangkok virologist compares not getting vaccinated to “walking into traffic”

In a Facebook post yesterday, Thailand’s most renowned virologist compared remaining unvaccinated from Covid-19 to walking into speeding Bangkok traffic. He commented on how elderly Thais have had reservations about being vaccinated, even though they are a high-risk group.

“… like inviting an accident by stepping off the pavement into the busy traffic on Silom Road.”

The virologist, Yong Poovorawan, said pregnant women, people over 60, and people with underlying diseases, risk being hospitalised with severe symptoms if they get Covid-19. Yong urged people to study the benefits and side effects of the various vaccine brands available. He said since vaccination is voluntary, people must decide for themselves which brand to get jabbed by.

Yong’s post is available for anyone to view on Facebook, however, the English translation provided may not be completely thorough.

Covid 19 vaccine hesitating to get vaccinated

“Getting covid 19 vaccine is voluntary. What kind of vaccine you choose, it can be done. Proper education about vaccines, benefits of vaccination and unwanted symptoms. Decisions are with the recipients, not forced, considering the weight of benefits and risks compared.

I will cross the road in Silom. The risk that happens. There is definitely a need to cross the road. The risk of crossing the road in Silim. There may be more than the risk of getting vaccinated. We can see from road accidents.

The particular risk group we call 608 is the elderly, who have a chronic identity disease. When a covid 19 infection causes violence, need to be hospitalized or maybe admitted to ICU, and it could lead to life.
As we see today’s death toll, mostly the elderly have chronic identity diseases.

Such groups are therefore necessary to be protected and specially taken care of. One of the ways to reduce violence is vaccines.

11,000 million doses have been vaccinated worldwide. Now there are enough vaccines. Let’s choose the type of vaccine.

We need to stay with Covid 19. It is necessary to reduce the losses at least.”

Last week, another Bangkok doctor warned that the country’s healthcare system could collapse if Covid-19 is not dealt with. He noted that Thailand’s economy is weaker than the economies of European countries, and wouldn’t hold up if Covid-19 got out of control.

“With fewer economic resources than wealthy countries, the impact of the outbreak will be too tough to handle.”

SOURCE: The Star

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