Snake bites Bangkok 4 year old using toilet

PHOTO: Facebook

The mother of a 4 year old girl described how her daughter survived a snake bite received while sitting on the toilet, proof that nowhere is safe from the reptiles that lurk in Thailand’s sewers. Audy Punnada Leung-Aram warned other parents on Facebook after reporting the terrifying incident at her condominium near Onnut Skytrain Station.

At about 5am, she took the girl to the toilet and placed her on the seat. As she was lifting her off, a snake struck out from the bowl and bit the child on her backside before disappearing back down the pipe. Alerted by his wife’s screams, the father ran to the toilet and attempted to suck the venom from the child’s wound.

The parents then rushed the child to hospital, where doctors confirmed there was no venom in the wound. Though she survived, the incident left the girl traumatised and afraid of going to the toilet.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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