Safety systems at Central World found fully functional after fire

PHOTO: Safety systems were inspected and found to be working after the fire at Central World. (via Twitter)

After Saturday’s fire at Central World shopping centre in Bangkok, investigators found that there was nothing wrong with the fire safety systems there. The building was inspected by district officials from Pathumwan who found that the fire alarm systems and the emergency sprinklers to combat flames were in proper working order.

A small fire broke out in Groove, a semi-outdoor dining area on the second floor of Central World. Flames were reported around 4.15pm with many customers posting videos and pictures online. Coughing shoppers were forced to flee along smoke-filled corridors. Firefighters were quickly at the scene to douse the flames. There were no reports of injuries in the blaze.

The Pathumwan district chief said yesterday that inspectors checked all the emergency systems and did not find any faults. The fire warning system functioned properly and the sprinkler systems were working correctly too.

Additionally, she said that the staff of Central World had taken part in a fire drill just a few months ago. She said that all employees had been trained on all the safety protocols and procedures during the drill on August 16 and 17. Central World was lucky to escape the fire with no customer staff injuries since Bangkok and all of Thailand are getting busier as the holiday season and the tourism High Season go into full swing.

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In fact, the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office said it’s just getting ready to release its plans for the new year’s holiday. They’re creating a disaster prevention and mitigation plan for both residents and businesses to be prepared for any unexpected events, emergencies, or disasters in Bangkok over the new year holiday.

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has called for electrical inspections, especially around all the Christmas and new year decorations and photo backdrops to avoid potential fires. The disaster prevention plan also includes checking the fire alarms and extinguishers, sprinkler systems, emergency exits, and generators for buildings before big events. Fireworks will also be banned without permission from the district chief.

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