Rescue workers cut stuck PVC pipe from man’s genitals

PHOTO: Rescue workers cut a PVC pipe from a man's penis. (via video screenshot)

For readers concerned that there hasn’t been enough news coverage of genitals getting stuck in things, we’ve got you covered. Though we missed coverage of a Kanchanaburi man who had gotten his member stuck in a bottle opener earlier this week, now rescue workers have come to the aid of a man in Bangkok who has found himself with his penis stuck in a PVC pipe.

Thai national news picked up the story and detailed the man’s ordeal as he was brought to a hospital in Bangkok to deal with his, er, pipe organ. Rescue workers were brought in by the hospital from the Rom Sai Rescue Foundation who used cutting equipment to remove the PVC.

Rescue workers said that it was an easier job than removing the bottle opener as it was easier to deal with plastic than metal (worth noting for those who may experiment). After being called it, it took only 10 minutes with their cutting tool to free the pipe from the man’s privates, though they were not kept private as the ordeal was chronicled on the Rom Sai Facebook page with details of how they freed the willy.

They said they posted the story and rescue efforts as a way to warn others that such experimentation with props can lead to dangerous circumstances.

The rescue team said that these sorts of rescue calls were becoming more frequent lately, with one rescue member saying it was the third member he had rescued this week. The Rom Sai rescue team kept professional though, saying only that they operate without judgement of how people choose to satisfy themselves.

Thai news showed a demonstration using a plastic bottle of how they used the same technique they use to cut rings off of fingers to save the man’s genitals. Rom Sai does rescues like this as a free service. And if you’re not as sexually adventurous, they assured that they provide the same service to remove rings stuck on people’s fingers.

No mention was made of what size PVC pipe was used in the incident.


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