Prayut advises Bangkok governor hopefuls on drainage system, population density

Following a record registration of 31 candidates for Bangkok’s gubernatorial election, PM Prayut advises the future governor, whoever that will be, to continue solving the city’s problems. Prayut offered a few pointers on several pressing issues, including Bangkok’s drainage system and population density, saying, “May I offer moral support to all Bangkok governor candidates”.

Prayut said in order to fix Bangkok drainage system, the city’s canals will have to be dredged. Pollution in Bangkok canals has for many years have made the surrounding its air smell foul. Meanwhile, stagnant water creates breeding grounds for those nasty black and white mosquitoes that spread Dengue fever.

To mitigate the situation, the Department of Drainage and Sewerage is poised to open up the Ong Ang canal’s drainage system to increase water circulation into the Bang Lamphu canal. The department hopes that improve circulation will quell the putrid smell of sewage in the area (rather than spreading the pollution to other areas). In his advice to the next governor, Prayut added that illegally built houses were another step to take in fixing the drainage system.

Another key issue Prayut has offered advice on is population density in business zones. Prayut argued that business zones should expand to outer areas, so that people are not too densely concentrated in inner Bangkok. Prayut warned that most, if not all of Bangkok’s issues, will require public hearings and approval by the city’s residents in order to be solved.

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Bangkok’s gubernatorial election is scheduled to be held on May 22. This will be the 11th gubernatorial election in Bangkok — the first one held in nine years.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

Prayut advises Bangkok governor hopefuls on drainage system, population density | News by Thaiger

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