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Bangkok: Police retrieve 300,000 baht left in taxi

The Thaiger



Thai Rath have our ‘honest taxi driver’ story of the week.

The quick actions of officers at the Sutthisan police station in Bangkok has enabled the return of ten million won (or 300,000 baht) that a university student left in the back of a cab. Theta driver has also been praised for his role.

23 year old Pinchaya “Am” Phromrat, a student at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in Din Daeng, had traveled in the taxi driven by 51 year old Wanchai “Khiat” Tocharoen from Huay Khwang market to the University

After doing some errands she went to Asoke to change the money and realised she had left it in the back of Khiat’s cab. She reported the matter to the police at Suthisan and they tracked down the driver of the cab within an hour .

The taxi driver said he had no idea the large amount of Korean currency was there until police radioed him. Khun Am praised the Thai police for their efforts to retrieve her money.

Thai Rath report that the police have given the driver an undisclosed sum and a certificate for his honesty.

SOURCE: Thai Rath

- The Thaiger

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Thai PE teacher allegedly continued to rape students over three years

The Thaiger



Sanook is reporting that a Thai PE teacher was effectively allowed to continue raping students after an initial complaint. A student complained three years ago that she was forced to the floor by the teacher who, the student claims, then tried to rape her.

But the claims of the girl were not properly investigated or acted upon at the time. The teacher was just fined two days wages as a ‘slap on the wrist’, reports Sanook. Then over the next three years he continued to rape more than 20 students.

Even now the authorities are still just setting up investigative committees though the teacher is finally out of the class. He is reported to be ‘shuffling paper’ in an inactive education department post while his case is discussed. Education chiefs are talking about him losing his job but nobody has mentioned jail at this stage.

An anti human trafficking unit staff member was clearly aghast during an interview as to how a teacher could rape so many over so long a period after a complaint was made about him. In a Thai Rath video Ronasit Preuksayasiwa explained how the teacher concerned asked the 16 year old girl to clean a classroom.

“He then locked the door and forced her to the floor and tried to rape her. A committee was set up and the police got involved but no one really believed the girl. The teacher was just fined a couple of days’ wages and carried on.”

But in the next three years he allegedly raped or molested 20 others, according to the story. Finally, at the beginning of July a flood of complaints started on Facebook.

Said Ronasit: “If they had believed the student three years ago none of this would have happened”.

Thai Rath interviewed a Klong Toey, Bangkok, district official who said that a committee had been set up.

“You have to understand our procedures”, the female official said condescendingly to the reporter. She added that it is a serious case but guilt needs to be proved.

“If he is guilty he will lose his job in the civil service – you can be sure of that”.

The official said the committee would report by the end of this month.

Source: Sanook

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Five jailed up to 19 years for forcing Moroccan women into prostitution

The Thaiger & The Nation



PHOTOS: The Nation

“Pearl was accused of being the gang leader as he owns the Dream Disco Pub on the fourth floor of the Zenith Hotel where the four victims were forced into prostitution from October 2016 to March 2017.”

A 46 year old Australian has been sentenced to 19 years imprisonment by the Criminal Court, and a Syrian, two Thais and a Moroccan to 16 years imprisonment, for forcing four Moroccans into prostitution at a Bangkok pub.

The court read its verdict in the human trafficking case against 46 year old Michael Pearl, a Sudanese-born Australian, 37 year old Ghassan Wakej, a Syrian, 63 year old Chalad Narachan, 46 year old Aree Iamsaree and 38 year old Hana Taoyuree (unofficial spelling), a Moroccan, yesterday morning.

They were charged with violating the anti-human trafficking act, prostitution suppression act and the Criminal Code.

Pearl was accused of being the gang leader as he owns the Dream Disco Pub on the fourth floor of the Zenith Hotel where the four victims were forced into prostitution from October 2016 to March 2017.

Taoyuree was charged with luring and smuggling the four fellow Moroccan women into Bangkok via Laos by promising them job as waitresses, but they instead ended up being forced into prostitution. The two Thai men and the Syrian were charged with detaining and assaulting the four victims to force them into prostitution.

After the four victims were rescued, two left the Kingdom to return to Morocco, while the two others remained as state witnesses. The five defendants were released on bail by posting a 300,000 baht cash guarantee. They came to hear the verdict on Wednesday morning.

 Zenith Hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

The court ruled that the five lacked strong evidence to dispute the charges against them and relied on their own accounts, while the public prosecutors had strong evidence and accounts from the victims.

The court found each of the five defendants breached two counts of the Criminal Code and were given two years term for each count, or four years. Each of the five defendants were also given six years in prison for breaching each of two counts of the anti-human trafficking act, or 12 years.

Since the Australian owned the pub, he was also convicted of violating the prostitution suppression act by soliciting others for sex services. He was given an additional three years for this conviction. Pearl was given a total of 19 years in jail, while the others got 16 years.

STORY: The Nation

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Officials seize decorative corals in Chatuchak, Bangkok

The Thaiger



Thai PBS are reporting that police and officials in Bangkok have swooped on shops in Chatuchak, in Bangkok’s northern suburbs, and seized a substantial haul of decorative corals and coralline algae.

A member of the Yiew Dong (forest hawk) task force of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, said the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment received lots of complaints from the public about several shops in the Chatuchak area selling banned marine products such as corals and coralline algae as well as protected wildlife species.

With search warrants issued by the Criminal Court, members of the task force, police and officials launched a coordinated raid, targeting three shops suspected of harboring the illegal items.

At one shop, reportedly owned by 24 year old Ms Supatra Saengkham, officials found nine packs of hard corals and 15 soft coral packs.  Police say the shop does not have a permit to possess or trade in these items.

At the second shop, Khun Nuwat, from the Yiew Dong task force, said the shopowner shuttered the shop and escaped before the arrival of the raiding party.  Nevertheless officials used a bolt cutter to cut the lock and entered the shop where they found 29 hard coral packs.

Three more soft coral packs were found in the third shop and its owner, Mr Sikharin Siriboon admitted he owned the corals but could not produce any official permit.

Khun Nuwat said that most of the corals would be sold to aquarium tropical fish enthusiasts at between 20-500 baht for a small pack.


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