Bangkok kids suffer food poisoning after eating free noodles for Children’s Day

Bangkok kids suffered food poisoning, photo by Amarin TV.

A group of Bangkok kids suffered food poisoning after eating free noodles on Friday for Children’s Day. Over 10 ambulances rushed to Wat Naknimit School on Soi Suksawat 14, Suksawat road, to help the 30 kids.

Reports said the children suffered nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and headaches.

One female student said someone had distributed packs of instant noodles fried with crab sticks, sausages, eggs, and cabbage at a table. They later started to feel ill.

Thai media reported that the person who gave the children the free food was a food seller named Wantanee. Wantanee said she got free instant noodles from a temple, with other ingredients funded by many people. Some ingredients she bought from a fresh market, she said.

Wantanee said she had been a food seller for many years, and that she was confident that all the ingredients were clean. She said she was a bit worried that the school and the parents would file a complaint against her.

Wantanee insisted that she had good intentions to give a gift to the kids for Children’s Day.

In the past, a few food poisoning cases involving children have gripped headlines across Thailand.

In August, children at a school in Phuket’s main city district went down with a heavy dose of food poisoning. The Darasamuth Phuket School’s director released a statement about the incident, saying the problem had been due to the school’s water system.

The director said some students had suffered diarrhoea. After samples from the school’s food and drinking water were sent in for lab testing, coliform bacteria was found in the water.

In February 2022, 14 children throughout Thailand were hospitalised for a blood disorder after eating sausages from the same factory in Chon Buri. The factory didn’t have a proper permit, didn’t pass legal standards, and had no FDA approval on its packaging.

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