Thaiger Deals World Cup Predictor Competition

Thaiger Deals is The Thaiger’s very own Daily Deals platform, where you can search for and purchase the latest and greatest deals from our partner network across Bangkok and other parts of Thailand.

To celebrate the soft launch of our new platform, we’re welcoming all new member sign-ups with the option to enter our World Cup Predictor Competition to win prizes in the form of Thaiger Deals credit that can be spent with any of our partners.

Whilst this platform is more targeted toward our Thai audience, we’re constantly working to add more expat and tourist-focused services too, with big deals in Bangkok for Onsens, buffets, and events to name a few. And we’re sure some of you will be up for taking part just for the fun of it!

World Cup Predictor Competition Details

Let’s keep it simple – we give you the list of matches each round and you tell us what team you think will win or if you think it’ll be a draw (no draws beyond Group Stages of course). But before you do that, be sure to sign up for a Thaiger Deals account HERE, otherwise, you won’t be eligible for the prizes or the shoutouts!

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Predictor Rules:

  1. Create a new account on Thaiger Deals
  2. Enter the promo code THAIGERWC within the My Profile section of your account details
  3. Using the same email address or mobile phone number used to sign up, submit your predictions for the first round of games, HERE – Nb. that if you signed up with FB or Line, you’ll need to enter your phone number so we can confirm your account
  4. Wait for the winners to be announced and the next round of predictions to be released
  5. Repeat from point 3!


  1. Group stages first round of games – send your predictions HERE, deadline Nov 20th 12:00 Thai time
  2. Group stages second round of games – predictions sheet to follow
  3. Group stages third round of games – predictions sheet to follow
  4. Last 16 – predictions sheet to follow
  5. Quarter Finals – predictions sheet to follow
  6. Semi-Finals – predictions sheet to follow
  7. Final – predictions sheet to follow


  1. 20 THB to anyone who signs up with the promo code THAIGERWC
  2. 1,000 THB to the winner of each round
  3. 1,000 THB to the winner of the Guess the Champions prediction (answer submitted in the first round)

When there is a tie, one winner will be drawn at random by the Thaiger Deals team. Look out for announcements and shoutouts on our Thaiger YouTube daily shows and for the next round article, published on


World Cup Wallchart Printout

If you haven’t already, check out our Thaiger World Cup 2022 Wallchart and never miss a game.

Thaiger Deals World Cup Predictor Competition | News by Thaiger


World Cup Sweepstake

Finally, check out our Thaiger World Cup 2022 Sweepstake and let the World Cup fun begin.

Thaiger's World Cup 2022 wallchart - free to download and print so you don't miss a single match in Qatar | News by Thaiger

World Cup


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