Thailand’s new year road toll: 190 deaths and 1,574 injuries

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Thailand witnessed 1,570 traffic mishaps from December 29 till yesterday, January 1, claiming 190 lives and injuring 1,574 individuals. Kanchanaburi province recorded the highest number of accidents and casualties during this period.

The Department of Medical Services’ director-general, Thongchai Keeratihattayakorn, revealed the unsettling new year road toll figures. He stated that Kanchanaburi had 57 traffic accidents, resulting in 56 injuries. However, the city of Bangkok reported the highest fatalities, with 13 deaths.

On the last day of this period, there were 419 traffic accidents, which killed 62 people and injured 422 others. The major causes of these accidents were speeding, accounting for 39% of all accidents, and drunk driving, which contributed to 30% of the mishaps. Motorcycles were involved in a staggering 86% of the road accidents.

Amidst this, the State Railway of Thailand reported that 100,024 people opted to travel by train on that day. The southern route was the most popular, with 28,246 people using it, closely followed by the northeastern lines, which saw a usage of 26,057 individuals, reports Bangkok Post.

The World Health Organization’s data reveals a worrying trend in Thailand’s road safety. On average, 60 people lose their lives on Thailand’s roads every day. This makes the official government statistics seem understated. A plausible reason for this discrepancy could be the fact that some individuals, initially reported as injured, might succumb to their injuries later.

In related news, There’s a chill in the air, but temperatures are rising on Thailand’s roads as the new year Seven Days Road Safety campaign reveals a sobering toll.

According to the Thai Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM), the first two days of the campaign have already witnessed a surge in road accidents, injuries, and deaths. The numbers are staggering – 71 lives lost, 739 individuals injured, and 724 reported accidents from December 29 to December 30.

Khon Kaen, a province in northeastern Thailand, recorded the highest number of road accidents during these two days, with a total of 31 incidents. Not far behind in the grim tally, Khon Kaen and Tak, a province in the west, reported the most injuries, each with 30 casualties.

The highest number of fatalities was registered in Prachin Buri, a province in the east, and the bustling capital city of Bangkok, each reporting five deaths. Read the full story HERE.

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