Thai EV solutions provider teams up with Chinese manufacturer for electric taxis

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In an innovative move to capitalise on the upswing in electric vehicles (EVs) in Thailand, EVme Plus Co, a leading EV solutions provider, is partnering with a Chinese EV manufacturer. This collaboration is aimed at promoting the usage of battery-powered cars among taxi drivers.

EVme Plus Co is a part of the oil and gas colossus PTT Plc. The company is teaming up with Aion Automobile Sales (Thailand) to market the Aion ES model of EV as a taxi. Aion Automobile Sales (Thailand) is a subsidiary of the Guangzhou Automobile Corporation, which holds the title of being the second-largest seller of EVs in China. The Aion ES model is priced at 929,900 baht.

Suvicha Sudchai, the Chief Executive and Managing Director of EVme Plus sees enormous potential for the electric taxi market in Thailand.

“It’s a new market and we see a business opportunity.”

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The company is currently in discussions with several taxi cooperatives that operate services surrounding battery-run taxis. These talks are anticipated to conclude shortly.

Electric taxis are being viewed as not just a novel trend in transportation, but also as a means of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. This aligns with Thailand’s ongoing efforts to combat climate change.

Oil-powered vehicles

Furthermore, EVme Plus is also planning to sell and lease EVs to organisations looking to replace their oil-powered vehicles with EVs. In the electric motorcycle segment, the company is collaborating with Iso Mobility, an Italian manufacturer, to sell its electric motorcycles in Thailand, Suvicha said.

“We expect to receive a good response to the Iso brand of motorcycles, providing a boost to the Thai EV industry and supporting the government’s plan to make Thailand a regional EV hub.”

Iso Mobility’s Chairman, Ferruccio Lamborghini, revealed that the company is for the first time expanding its electric motorcycle business to ASEAN. They chose Thailand due to the rapid expansion of its EV market, Suvicha said.

“We expect to sell around 100 Iso motorcycles during the 2023 Thailand International Motor Expo.”

This car event began on November 30 and will continue until December 11.

In related news, The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)-listed renewable energy and EV developer and operator, Energy Absolute (EA), is set to record a significant surge in its total revenue due to EV demand and battery sales.

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