Tourists in Thailand urged to download ‘Tourist Police i lert u’ app

Foreign tourists in Thailand are advised to download the app “Tourist Police i lert u” which they can use to quickly and conveniently contact the police in case of an emergency, according to government spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek.

Not to be confused with the Thai version of the app, “police i lert u,” the tourist version of the app is available in English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, French, German, Arabic and several Southeast Asian languages.

Once the app is downloaded tourists can click the “request” button to seek help from the police and use the app to send information and photos of the scene/accident to the police’s “War Room” (the 1155 tourist police hotline), where officers are on standby 24/7.

The information will then be forwarded to the nearest police units who will provide immediate help. In the meantime, police in the War Room will get in contact with the tourist to provide initial help and advice.

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“Tourist police i lert u” uses a GPS system so the police will know the coordinates of the tourist in trouble right away. The app can be downloaded for free via iOS or via the Google Play store here.

The app might be useful for tourists who get lost in the forest, tourists who are victims of crime, tourists who get into accidents, or tourists who lose expensive items.

Some reviews include…

“Did a test request to the police and they called back within about 45 seconds. Spoke very good English and was very polite. It seems to have GPS tracking too. Feeling pretty safe”

“Very useful app. in case of emergency because you never know what can happen anytime, you’re going to be able to get in contact with the relevant authorities. sending your location, picture and call.”

Foreign tourists may also be interested in downloading the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)’s app “TAGTHAi Pass,” designed to be a handy tool to help tourists make the most of their stay in the kingdom, complete with various freebies and deals.

The TAGTHAi Pass is a travel guide providing recommendations from locals about the best sightseeing activities, massages and spas, restaurants, unique cultural activities, and more. The app provides tourists with travel tips and emergency contact services.

One attractive feature of the TAGTHAi application is the ‘Essential Pass.’ The Essential Pass allows tourists to redeem a free tourist SIM card complete with seven days’ worth of Internet and a special currency exchange rate at 400 Kasikorn Bank exchange booths around the country.

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