Thailand’s tourism sector is asking for an additional 1 billion baht budget

The Thai tourism sector has asked for an additional budget of about 1 billion baht to boost the Thai economy in hopes of making 265 billion baht (from inbound tourists). The tourism sector says they should be able to secure at least 80 million domestic trips, gaining 215 billion baht, alone. Then, they predict, the international market will see 1 million extra tourists, earning an estimated 50 billion baht.

“However, this will depend on the final decision made by the Centre for Economic Situation Administration in the next meeting.”

Later this month, the Tourism Authority of Thailand will also have meetings about the current situation with international air travel with Airports of Thailand and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. The goal is to reduce problems for airlines that are unable to increase their flight schedules despite having a high demand for trips to Thailand.

The Land of Smiles had just over 2 million international visitors arriving for the first half of 2022, but it’s still a long way from the 7 to 10 million targets they expect by the end of the year. The TAT aims to regain 50% of the travel volume of 2019, which saw 56.2 million seats from 250,000 flights (both domestic and international flights).

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From January to September, the domestic market is predicted to see 78 million trips, falling short of the aim of 160 million trips. The Thai government is rolling back the past travel subsidies and many Thais are now fully back to work, compared to a year ago when there were still many restrictions in place.

The TAT hosted a meeting with tourist business owners last month, to create a booster plan for the domestic and international markets, according to the governor of TAT, Yuthasak Supasorn.

“We cannot wait for organic growth as there are too many setbacks in the second half, led by inflation and insufficient seat capacity. The additional plan under the proposed budget of 1.03 billion baht will help strengthen the private sector, such as hotels, airlines, tour buses, and tour operators, which is the essential part to bring back tourists and sustain the overall economy.”

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok has seen an increase in planes and travelers since the Thailand Pass was eliminated on July 1, which made entering Thailand much easier… you know, like pre-Covid days!

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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