High hotel occupancy in northern Thai province as golden flowers bloom

Tourists flock to Mae Hong Son's signature golden flowers, photo by Maehongson Creative.

There’s been a high hotel occupancy in Thailand’s northern province of Mae Hong Son now that its signature golden flowers are in bloom. The provincial tourism office chief said that hotels and resorts are reporting up to 75% occupancy. This, he said, is a much higher occupancy rate than the rates seen during other times of the year.

Tourists are flocking to the Khun Yuam district to gaze at the scenic Dok Bua Tong flowers, also known as Mexican sunflowers.

Other hotspots for tourists in Mae Hong Son right now are the Yunnan Rak Thai village, the ancient Wat Phrathat Doi Kong Mu temple, and the Ban Klo Se Lo camping ground, Nation Thailand reported.

The provincial tourism office chief said that the number of foreign arrivals has picked up since October, making up 30% of all tourists. Many urban dwellers are also catching a break from city life to see the beautiful flowers.

With cool winter weather, this is a good time to camp and go outside in Mae Hong Son and other northern Thai provinces.

Dok Bua Tong flowers are believed to have been brought to Thailand by Christian missionaries. They are originally from Central America and the Caribbean and are smaller than typical sunflowers.

The Bua Tong flower mostly blooms from November to December. During this period, the hills and valleys of Mae Hong Son turn bright gold when these wild sunflowers come into full bloom.

The Doi Mae U-Kor mountain peak in Khun Yuam district is considered the largest and the most beautiful location to enjoy the spectacular bright yellow Bua Tong hills and valleys.

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Tara Abhasakun

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