Food delivery and online shopping apps are Thailand’s most used innovations

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A poll conducted by The Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) at the Ministry of Energy has revealed Thailand’s most used technological innovations.

The poll, carried out last July, studied innovation usage among Thai people from all age groups and professions, and was aimed at promoting the usage of energy-efficient innovations.

It was divided into four categories: Frequently used (over 40% of total innovation usage); moderately used (21-40%); rarely used (10-20%); and hardly-used (lower than 9%).

Food delivery and online shopping apps are Thailand's most used innovations | News by Thaiger

PHOTO: The Nation and The Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO)

Out of 382 respondents, 68.3% said online shopping applications were their most frequently used innovation, followed by food delivery apps (46.3%).

In the moderately used category, 37.2% cited taxi-hailing apps, 24.1% said VDO conference services, followed by energy-efficient appliances (21.7%).

Meanwhile, 17.5% of respondents said they rarely used any innovation that supports working at home, while 11.3% and 10.2% cited EV vehicles and smart home devices as rarely used innovations.

SOURCE: The Nation

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