Truck driver dozes off, killing two and injuring five in Chon Buri

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A tragic crash occurred at 8.40 am yesterday on the inbound Pattaya side of Highway 7, near Bang Lamung, Chon Buri, when an 18-wheeler truck driver fell asleep at the wheel. The devastating accident led to the loss of two women’s lives and left five others injured, while also causing extensive property damage.

Upon arrival at the scene, police and rescue teams found a large crowd of onlookers. The 18-wheeler Hino truck was loaded with cement slabs and had crashed onto the road’s edge, severely damaging its front end.

Surrounding the truck were a pickup truck, two motorcycles, a toppled high-voltage pole, a fallen streetlight, and the heavily damaged wood shop.

The crash caused multiple casualties. The first injured person, the 50 year old truck driver, Rung was trapped inside the truck and had to be extricated by rescue teams before being taken to the hospital.

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The other injured parties including three men and one woman were in a pickup truck that had stopped to buy wooden pallets.

The woman sustained severe injuries, losing both legs after being run over by the truck. All injured individuals were given first aid and transported to Bang Lamung Hospital.

Malpractice victims

Two fatalities were reported at the scene. The boy old 25 year old Sirinthorn was found near the 18-wheeler with her body severely crushed while 17 year old Sureerat was found on the road’s edge, crushed under the fallen high-voltage pole.

Initial inquiries revealed that the two women, who were relatives and employees of the wood shop, were riding a motorcycle to work when they were struck by the truck. Sirinthorn was driving, with Sureerat as the passenger.

The owner of the wood was visibly shaken and upset, confronting the 18-wheeler driver, and questioning his driving.

The driver repeatedly apologised, admitting he had fallen asleep due to a lack of rest after a night of fishing. He was transporting cement slabs from Nong Mon to Takhian Tia when the accident occurred.

The shop owner recounted hearing a loud crash and the sound of the pole falling before discovering the extent of the damage caused by the truck, which had also hit the motorcycle and pickup truck of the customers at the shop.

The exact cause of the accident remains unclear, whether it was brake failure or driver fatigue.

CCTV footage captured the moment the motorcycle, which the victims were riding, was stopped to turn left when the 18-wheeler suddenly crashed into them.

The truck then veered off, hitting the high-voltage pole and streetlight before colliding with the parked vehicles and the wood shop.

Authorities are conducting a thorough investigation to determine the precise cause of the accident and will proceed with legal actions accordingly, reported Khaosod.

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