Thai woman escapes burning car after dog-related collision

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A woman escaped unscathed after her car was engulfed in flames following a dog unexpectedly crossing her path while she was driving home. The incident, which took place today in Buriram, saw the woman manage to flee her burning vehicle, a Ford Fiesta, which was completely damaged.

Aphinya Phantaprateeb, a detective from Mueang Buriram Police Station in Buriram province, last night received a report of a car fire. The incident happened on the Buriram-Nang Rong Road near the entrance to Nong Plad Chum Saeng village in Ban Bua district, Mueang Buri Ram. Firefighters from the Ban Bua Municipal Council were directed to the scene.

Upon arrival, they found the Ford Fiesta, registered in Buriram, ablaze. It took the officers approximately 20 minutes to bring the fire under control. The vehicle was almost destroyed, reported KhaoSod.

The driver, Napassanan, a 43 year old saleswoman at a construction materials company in Buriram, was not injured but was in shock. She recounted that she was returning home from work when a dog ran in front of her car causing a loud collision.

Immediately after, smoke and fire burst from the front of the car. Napassanan quickly pulled over and managed to escape from the car just in time.

Napassanan added that she was lucky to have been able to leave the car quickly and that it didn’t roll off the road. Had she been unable to exit, it could have meant her life.

In related news, a fatal incident claimed the life of a driver in Ratchaburi when his car collided with a bridge’s pier, igniting a fierce fire that could not be controlled in time. The horrifying event occurred on the Phetkasem inbound road in front of an industrial estate in Don Sai Subdistrict, Photharam District. Read more about the fatal car accident ignites a fire in Ratchaburi

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