Bus accident tragically kills elderly man on Chaeng Watthana Road

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A tragic bus accident occurred yesterday when a 72 year old man lost his life after slipping and being run over by a bus at a bus stop near Chaeng Watthana Road, Pak Kret, Nontha Buri.

The elderly man, who had been a familiar figure in the area for over a decade, was known for begging to support his family.

Police from Pak Kret Police Station were alerted to the accident around 9.30pm. The victim, a resident of Roi Et province, was found lying lifeless near the pavement with a backpack beside him.

Nearby, a cream and red bus on Route 32, was parked with white hair strands caught in its left rear wheel.

The bus conductor explained that the bus had stopped to pick up passengers, and as two women boarded, the driver closed the door and began to pull away. Suddenly, screams from outside the bus prompted the driver to halt.

Upon inspection, they found the elderly man unconscious on the ground. Rescue workers arrived shortly after and confirmed his death. A witness mentioned that the man was attempting to board the bus when he slipped and fell under the wheel.

A clothing vendor from the cinema recounted seeing the deceased man for over ten years. He was often seen begging around various locations including Khlong Toei, Phichai Market in Pak Kret, and in front of Major Hollywood Pak Kret.

According to her, the man had once mentioned that he begged to fund his child’s education, although the truth of this claim remains uncertain.

Following the bus accident, officials transported the body to the hospital and began an investigation in accordance with legal procedures, reported Khaosod.

In separate news, a homeless man collecting recyclables was found dead on a roadside near a luxury home after using a plastic sheet to shield himself from the rain, leading to suffocation. The incident occurred early today at around 4.30am when police and forensic doctors were called to the scene on Ngam Wong Wan Road in Bang Khen, Nontha Buri.

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