Bloody accident on Asia Highway: Fortune teller killed

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A tragic accident occurred midday yesterday in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province, resulting in the death of a 61 year old fortune teller. En route to visit both her daughter and ailing mother in Bangkok, her motorbike taxi was struck by an 18-wheel truck whilst crossing between parallel lanes.

According to the investigating officer, Chaiwat Tiphsotti, the accident happened on Asia Highway, in front of Wat Inkalaya, Kilometre 35, Ban Li sub-district, Bang Pa-In district. The deceased, known as Kanok-on, hailed from the Bang Pa-In market, close to the accident scene. Her scattered remains, along with a handbag and a bag of clothes, formed a grisly scene, found about 50 metres from the crash site. Nearby, the number plate 1กก1443 Honda Wave motorbike lay toppled.

The truck registered as 70-3497 Chai Nat with the plate 70-3498 Chai Nat on its trailer, was discovered parked on the road’s edge. The right rear tyre is visibly smeared with patches of blood and body parts.

The truck driver, a 59 year old man named Manoon, claimed that he was travelling from Ang Thong province to Pathum Thani when the incident unfolded. Upon entering the parallel lanes to access the Bang Pa-In flyover, he noticed the motorbike taxi darting from the byway to the main road. Despite sounding his horn and attempting to brake, it was too late to avoid hitting the passenger. His lament and condolences towards the victim’s family were clear, reported KhaoSod.

The motorbike taxi driver, 57 year old Thelongkiat, offered his account. He met the victim at the Bang Pa-In market, intending to deliver her to a nearby waiting point on the Asia Highway. As he emerged from Inkallaya temple and crossed lanes, the collision occurred. His bike toppled, and his passenger fell under the path of the onrushing truck.

Following preliminary investigations, the police will continue to examine, ascertain the exact cause of the accident and conduct a fair and stringent legal process. This will encompass questioning the bike taxi driver, the truck driver, and eyewitnesses who witnessed the incident.

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