Ayutthaya farmer dies in motorcycle crash a week after recovering from previous accident

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A farmer‘s late-night return trip ended in tragedy when his motorcycle swerved off the road and collided with a tree. It was revealed that the farmer had just recovered from an accident that had broken his leg the previous week. The incident occurred in Thailand’s central Ayutthaya province.

At around 12.30am today, officer Parada Tantirungruang and the rescue team of Puthaisawan Foundation from Bang Pa-In Police Station were alerted to a motorcycle crash against a tree along the national highway No.3469, in the Bang Pradang district. Arriving at the scene, they found a damaged Honda Wave motorcycle with the license plate 1กส2028 Ayutthaya lying off the road, along with scattered parts nearby. Not far from the scene, the body of a man, identified as 36 year old Supachok (last name withheld), was found with severe head injuries.

The officer questioned the victim’s older brother, 44 year old Pathomchai, who told him that Supachok was a farmer by profession. Before the fatal incident, he had left his home to deliver some instant noodles to a friend working in rice fields approximately 3 kilometres away. Pathomchai received a phone call informing him that his younger brother had been involved in a fatal accident, reported KhaoSod.

Pathomchai further mentioned that just a week prior, Supachok had had another accident that had led to him breaking his leg, and he was still limping. Despite the recent injury, he had started riding his motorcycle again, only to meet with another accident resulting in his death.

The preliminary investigation led the police to hypothesise that the accident occurred while Supachok was returning home, his motorcycle had swerved off course and collided with a roadside tree. The police will continue their investigation by questioning any witnesses to the incident and taking necessary legal actions.

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