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Visa amnesty, looming July 31 deadline in Thailand

The Thaiger



Visa amnesty, looming July 31 deadline in Thailand | The Thaiger
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NOTE: This post is not designed to scare anyone, but simply prompt foreigners, currently in Thailand, about the situation with visas. There is a list of all embassies in Thailand at the end of this article.

The Thai government has had a visa amnesty in force that has allowed foreigners to stay in Thailand during the Covid-19 outbreak. It automatically extended all visas until July 31. But that date is approaching fast, and whilst there has been conjecture about an extension to the visa amnesty beyond July 31, NOTHING has been confirmed (despite rumours).

To be clear, the Thai government are not just going to suddenly throw people out of the country. The date for the finish of the visa amnesty has been widely publicised since the announcement of the amnesty. It is the responsibility of each foreigner to be aware of their visa situation, especially if their visa has expired during the amnesty. The Cabinet announced an extension of the visa amnesty for an additional 3 months on April 21 this year.

Whilst there is a lot of confusion, and everyone is waiting for clarification from Thai Immigration, your best step forward is to get as much information you can and be prepared.

So, if you are a foreigner and your visa to stay in Thailand has expired, or will expire, before the July 31 date, you will, as it stands at the moment, be required to get a formal extension or leave the Kingdom. Or renew your current visa if it is ongoing.

We are not in a normal situation where everything operates fluidly and as you have expected in the past. Embassies and consulates are under considerable pressure to help sort out the situations for many thousands of foreigners. Some embassies will be more helpful than others. Don’t expect your country’s embassy to drop everything they’re doing and attend to your situation.

Here are your options which you should be actively considering to avoid deportation, a fine or other possible charges…

• Contact your embassy or consulate (better to email at this time rather than appear in person). Tell them where you are and your current visa situation, and provide contact details.

• If you wish to extend your visa beyond July 31 there will probably be a cost associated and you will need supporting documentation to extend. The Thai Immigration department has already made it clear that you will probably need a letter from your embassy explaining why you need to extend your visa. This will need to be arranged before you apply for an extension with Thai Immigration. If your visa simply needs to be renewed it should be a much easier procedure.

• Check out possible outbound flights to your home country, including connecting flights from the airlines that are currently leaving Bangkok. BE VERY CAREFUL booking any flights immediately as there have been many, many cases of airlines scheduling flights out of Thailand that end up cancelled and leaving prospective passengers out of pocket and an extended wait for a refund. We would recommend contacting the actual airlines to make bookings rather booking through aggregation sites. Your air fares back home could be quite expensive.

• If the Thai government doesn’t extend the July 31 deadline there will likely be queues and delays in the last few days before the visa amnesty finishes. So the earlier you can gets your personal visa situation clarified, opportunities explored and an exit strategy in place, the better.

• If you are required to do 90 day reporting, and you haven’t reported during the amnesty, you should do so – online or in person – before July 31.

HERE is the Australian Ambassador to Thailand, Allan McKinnon, whose advice is largely applicable to citizens from any country.

Bottomline, get as much information possible about your opportunities to leave the country or make arrangements to extend your visa NOW. Don’t wait until July 31.


Here is an up to date LIST of all the Embassies and Missions currently operating in Thailand (scroll down to Page 7 for the alphabetical country listings and contacts).

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  1. Avatar


    July 14, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    We are the only covid free safe tourists in Thailand right now. We spend money everyday at hotels, restaurants,shopping centers and local shops, pharmacies,taxi’s,BTS,MRT,and so on.
    We have already had our return flights cancelled, and the airlines robbed our money. Many of our countries are not open for us to return safely.
    Thailand can simply extend the visa’s until we are able to return to our homes.
    How can Thailand be such a cruel country? Why do they want to be known as a cruel place? They will not profit from this action, in fact it will
    hurt the economy even more to force out the only safe tourists.
    And it may very well hurt future tourism as well once word gets out.

    • Avatar

      Johannes senders

      July 14, 2020 at 9:24 pm

      Advice to foreigners requiring visa extensions. I arrived in Thailand in early march on a non-imm “O” spouse visa (then soon to expire). Two weeks before my 90 day stamp ran out I went to Thai immigration in chaeng wattana and got a one month extension in a few hours and returned 30 days later and in less than 30 minutes I got a one year extension in about 90 minutes because I have all the right paperwork. I then got a one year re-entry visa in about 30 minutes and did 90 day report at the same time. I did another 90 day report today at the temporary immigration office near impact in muang thong thani. Which took 20 mins including waiting time….. So stop complaining and just get on with it. Every Thai immigration officer I dealt with has been extremely helpful and polite and very professional. Just be grateful your not in USA or UK

    • Avatar


      July 15, 2020 at 12:21 am

      To say the Thai economy is at risk if they don’t extend the stay of people overstaying for months and months, is utter rubbish and should be viewed as an inaccurate sob-story argument that is not only false, it’s disrespectful to Thai people.
      There’s been ample flights out throughout the lockdown. Thailand isn’t being cruel, it just gave you 3 months amnesty to get home, most of you overstayers have ignored your own government’s advices, and exploited the amnesty as some type of extended cheap holiday. People such as this, are the worst example of a western visitor. How much faster could The MFA help mixed thai families reunite if they didn’t have concern themselves with overstayers… Thais would of listened to advice they were given on day one, they queue around the block to get repatriated and don’t complain about delays, you lot are the opposite of polite, you’re some type of freeloading begpackers who think they are entitled. The whole concept of the amnesty was to remove congestion at immigration during the lockdown and give you extra time to leave. You all went to the beach. Your argument about putting money into the economy is also garbage, as you’re mainly exploiting cheap rooms from desperate locals. The overstay group is delaying legitimate non-imm O’s from reuniting with their families. You should move out of the way and make room for the legitimate visitors with the big bucks to come in and rebalance the economy. The administrative congestion you’ve created has stopped thousands of mixed Thai kids being able to see their mums and dads. They are reluctant to give more visas to people because of the amnesty and they don’t want legit visitors piggy backing into it. You bring shame to immigration. Why should immigration respect people who ignore the advice of their own embassies and favour exploiting Thailand’s temporary hospitality.

      • Avatar

        You know who

        July 17, 2020 at 2:10 pm

        Shush makes a lot of assumptions.
        Ample flights? Not for me, not a single flight after mine was cancelled in March.
        Went to the beach? I have never been to a beach in Thailand.
        Thai economy at risk by not extending stays? All economies are at risk now. Any funds spent into any economy is helpful to it’s local.
        Disrespectful of Thai people? Never have been anything but respectful to Thai people.
        Extended holiday? I didn’t come here for holiday to begin with. I’ve been miserable for months and will leave the moment it becomes possible, never to return again.
        Exploiting a cheap room from desperate locals? Not me, I am registered at a 4 star hotel.
        It is terrible that families are separated, I completely agree with you on that as I have been separated from mine these last months.
        I don’t know where your bitterness comes from, but I hope you will find peace in your heart as I hope I can return home as soon as possible.

    • Avatar

      sam thompson

      July 15, 2020 at 11:04 am

      You are correct but don’t expect compassion or empathy with a resulting visa extension, the DOI is not renowned for these traits……after all, it is only a once in a lifetime, highly infectious, worldwide pandemic and an unprecedented disaster……sad but likely to be true because they love red tape and bureaucracy

      • Avatar


        July 16, 2020 at 12:29 pm

        I don’t mind paying the standard 1900 baht fee for the extension. I am not looking for a handout, but the paper requirements are no longer available through the embassies.
        I cannot get to my home because the border is closed.
        I also don’t want to break any laws, but it will become a catch-22 on July 31.

  2. Avatar


    July 15, 2020 at 2:32 pm

    looks like they want to swap healthy farang for sick

  3. Avatar


    July 15, 2020 at 8:51 pm

    Unfortunately despite it being my responsibility to make arrangements it’s not that easy. My return flight to the UK is with Gulf Air who don’t have any flights scheduled until 1st August. Thinking that their might be a rush fir flights on the first few days I phoned them yesterday to book my flight for the 1st or failing that the next possible day. I was told they don’t know if they’ll be able provide those flights until they are told by the Thai authorities. They wouldn’t even take my booking so that I could be sure of a seat even if it had to be cancelled. I should phone back at the end of July. So much for making arrangements. As far as I know the airports are open and Qatar at least are flying.

    As for immigration my wife has phoned our local immigration office in Mahasarakham and Bangkok to see if I would be able to get an extension if the amnesty ends and what would be needed. In both cases she was just told to wait to see what happens.

    An extension to the amnesty even if it was say a couple of weeks with a definite end would be best or just say it’s not being extended. It’s the endless dithering that’s the problem.

  4. Avatar


    July 15, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    I totally agree with you.
    I am disguted
    Thought away the only safe tourist who spend money wont help

  5. Avatar


    July 16, 2020 at 6:08 pm

    Feeling a bit like in a book Flotsam by Remarque

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