‘My husband keeps disappearing to Thailand’ – and I don’t know why

After 50 years of marriage, Julie's husband has had enough

It sounds like a bad dream. But for one woman it is the very sad reality of her marriage. The New York Post reported how a 70 year old woman shared on UK television that after 50 years of marriage, her husband keeps disappearing to Thailand and spending “hundreds of pounds there monthly.”

Speaking on a segment called the “Dear Deirdre” phone-in on This Morning, the anonymous caller who went by the name “Julie” said her husband disappears without telling her and is tight-lipped about where the cash is going.

Husband keeps disappearing to Thailand without warning

Speaking to agony aunt Deidre Saunders, “Julie” said her husband never tells her when he’s going to the kingdom and warned her his money was…

“None of your business!”

Puzzled Julie, said…

“It’s normally on a Wednesday night he goes. I just come home, there’s no note, nothing, passport, gone, clothes gone. I’m 70 now…I just don’t know what to do…I’m thinking, how long have I got?”

Having zero sympathies for the man whose wife cannot, or will not, give him what he needs, “Dear Deirdre” fumed…

“Of course what your husband is doing is your concern and funnelling out hundreds of pounds of family income – that is terrible.”

‘I think we know why…’

Host Philip Schofield made no bones about it either. Schofield said…

“He’s got someone else. He is going to Thailand to see someone – male or female.”

“Or several people,” Deidre added.

Social media was outraged. One tweeter was frank…

“Julie f–k him off.”

“I think we know why he’s going to Thailand Julie.”

“‘It might be difficult at 70 but my God Julie, locks changed next time he’s away. He’s an absolute d**k.”

“Oh, Julie ffs.”

There was much speculation about why Julie’s husband kept disappearing to Thailand. Sara, a self-described military wife, advised Julie to see a solicitor and…

“Get him gone.”

Good luck Julie. Maybe next time he goes away, he’ll have the decency to stay away.


Jon Whitman

Jon Whitman is a seasoned journalist and author who has been living and working in Asia for more than two decades. Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, Jon has been at the forefront of some of the most important stories coming out of China in the past decade. After a long and successful career in East sia, Jon is now semi-retired and living in the Outer Hebrides. He continues to write and is an avid traveller and photographer, documenting his experiences across the world.

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