Thailand’s biggest LGBTQ+ wedding planned for Valentine’s Day

PHOTO: The largest LGBTQ+ wedding in Thailand will happen on Valentine's Day. (via Wikimedia)

At least 100 LGBTQ+ couples plan to make history this Valentine’s Day when they converge on Bangkok to take part in Thailand’s biggest LGBTQ+ wedding ceremony. The event will be held at the Thai-Japan Bangkok Youth Centre and is hoped to raise awareness of the struggle for gay rights and marriage equality.

As of now, same-sex marriages, civil unions, domestic partnerships, unregistered cohabitations, or any other form of same-sex unions are not legally recognised in Thailand, although the Civil Partnership Bill and the Marriage Equality Bill have been proposed to recognise a separate civil union or to allow same-sex marriage respectively.

A number of groups not associated with the government have banded together to form the Bangkok Naruemit Pride organising committee and are planning the massive LGBTQ+ wedding ceremony, calling it “Naruemit Vivah 2023.” They have invited at least 100 couples, not only from Thailand but from around the world too.

The group plans to decorate the field at the sports centre on Mit Maitri Road in Din Daeng by covering it in rainbow flags, a symbol of openness to the diversity of love according to an LGBTQ+ activist working with the committee.

“We will create a new page in history to promote equal marriage as a right for people not only in Thailand but across the globe, especially those countries that do not yet accept LGBTQ+ people.”

The event has garnered the support of Bangkok’s Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon who called for people to plan more events of this kind throughout Thailand. He also pledged to help make the event successful and provide facilities to help organise.

The deputy governor views events like this as a win-win: it promotes equality for all people in Thailand while also attracting visitors from around the world. He reiterated his allyship with the LGBTQ+ community.

“In love, there should be no boundaries. I promise that as long as we are in office, we will not stop supporting LGBTQ+ issues and marriage equality. We will keep pushing the issue.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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