BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10

PHOTO: Gabriel Dy VS Sangmuang

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After one year of unforgettable fight action, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) Asia is looking to celebrate in style by hosting an exclusive VIP style event to see out 2022. There are eleven thrilling bare-knuckle fights featuring top-level fighters from around the world with only a limited number of seats available. All guests will enjoy luxurious VIP booths at the incredible Space Plus nightclub in Bangkok with fights starting at 4:30pm. During the live event there will be laser shows, music, dancers, and more, BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash will be airing live from the Space Plus nightclub on December 10.

TICKET INFO: https://www.ticketmelon.com/bkfcasia/event4

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash will be headlined by a 70kg war between Rolando Gabriel Dy and Apisit Sangmuang. Apisit is a 21-year-old Thai-born phenom with over 120 professional fights to his name, a record of 80-35-5 in Muay Thai and 10-3-1 in boxing, plus a title in The Professional Boxing Association of Thailand. He holds a victory over crowd favourite “Hellboy” TJ Chang,and will look to extend his professional boxing win streak against the dangerous Filipino striker Rolando Gabriel Dy.

“Incredible” Rolando Gabriel Dy has experience all around the world boasting a 14-13 record in MMA. This fighter is a former UFC combatant, Brave CF fighter of the year, a world champion in UAE Warriors, and is the son of the former WBC Lightweight Champion Rolando Navarete. The December 10 main event between Rolando Dy and Apisit will be an unforgettable clash.

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Gabriel Dy VS Sangmuang

The co-main event is a must-see. Tai Emery earned acclaim earlier this year when she won a first-round devastating knockout and celebrated by flashing her breasts to the audience. The Australian-born athlete became a viral sensation.

Emery will face the Thai combat sports veteran Po Denman. Denman is an experienced fighter who has earned impressive knockouts across multiple combat sports. She is 7-0-1 in Muay Thai, 16-1-1 in professional boxing, 4-0 in kickboxing, 6-0 in Lethwei, and 1-0 in BKFC. Recently, she impressed audiences by facing a male opponent and winning by KO.

Tai Emery, who is 3-2 in Muay Thai and 1-0 in bare knuckle boxing, and Po Denman are looking to put on a show when they go to war on December 10.

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Tai Emery VS Po Denman

Swiss-born powerhouse Gligor Stojanov, 30-13 in Muay Thai, who is coming off a brutal KO victory against a very tough opponent in his last outing will need all of his expertise when he faces Brazil’s Gilbert Patrocinio. With experience across multiple combat sports,“Tubaraobranco” Patrocinio is ready to make an impression in this welterweight showdown. Patrocinio has a 13-4 record in MMA, 11-3 in Muay Thai, 5-0 in professional boxing, and 6-0 in kickboxing. These are two very tough and experienced fighters. A fight of the night bonus could be awarded here.

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Stojanov VS Patrocinio

Teetee Denman is one that fight fans should keep a close eye on. This Thai-born athlete is a Kyokushin karate international champion and is a top-ranked boxer in Thailand. Incredibly, Denman is undefeated in both professional boxing, 15-0, and Lethwei, 12-0. This Thai athlete will put his unbeaten record on the line against Myanmar’s World Lethwei champion Saw Htoo Aung, in what fans are anticipating to be an electric affair at 64 kg. The Lethwei Champion Saw Htoo Aung holds a record of 17-3-20 in the sport.

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Tetee Denman VS Saw Htoo Aung

Guam’s Alex Castro, 9-9 in MMA, is out of prison and is booked in a showdown against the Swedish striker Gustaf Cedermalm. “Forehead Forward” Cedermalm is a European Bare Knuckle Boxing champion and will be looking to make a name for himself against Castro. Cedermalm has amassed a record of more than 30 fights acres Muay Thai and bare knuckle boxing. Castro is a highly experienced MMA fighter who was a Pacific Xtreme Combat Lightweight Champion and plans to impress audiences on December 10 at 68 kg.

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Cedermalm VS Castro

The French-Algerian Sohanne Bengana is a feared fighter in Muay Thai. “The Artist” has competed in both the Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums. Professionally, he has a record of 80-23-2 in Muay Thai, 1-0 in professional boxing, 2-2 in kickboxing, and 4-2-1 in Lethwei. This decorated Muay Thai striker will turn his attention to bare knuckle boxing as he faces Frankke Siharach Srisang. Frank has an experienced record in Muay Thai of 55-12-2 and 5-1 in professional boxing. Additionally, he is a current Professional Boxing Association of Thailand champion. It’s safe to say that these two are going to war at 66 kg.

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Bengana VS Frankke

In bout number 5 Iran’s “Kratos” Poorya Mokhtari will have a showdown against standout Filipino striker Joemil Miado, 1-0 in MMA and 10-1 in professional boxing. “The Joker” Miado had an impressive record with most of his wins coming by way of KO and comes from a family of fighters as his brother Jeremy Miado, a top ranked fighter in ONE Championship. “Kratos,” 6-2 in Muay Thai, 3-0 in kickboxing, plans to make a name for himself and impress audiences in this 66 kg fight.

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Mokhtari VS Miado

This December 10 event will also feature a bad-blood grudge match. Two Cambodian fighters want to end their conflict at BKFC Asia 4. Aem Ratha and Rithi Chaichit do not like each other and will look to settle their differences at 60 kg. This is one to watch. Chaichit is 18-3 in Kun Khmer while Ratha has a 21-11-7 record.

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Aem Ratha VS Rithi Chaichit

Boon Sarun will be well known to fans as he works alongside the viral Mr Fight Chanel Team in Bangkok. At 66 kg he will face the British-born Victor Booty. Booty, 2-3 in Muay Thai, went to war in his last BKFC fight and never quit, his spirit inspired audiences. With the heart of a lion, he will seek a strong victory against Sarun who has a 20-6 professional boxing record..

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Srioumboo VS Booty

India’s Patho Ghosh, 6-0 in MMA, cannot wait to throw down on December 10. At 61 KG, “Nightmare” will face Chor Pov, 80-20-2 in Kun Khmer, of Cambodia. Thus far, Ghosh is undefeated in professional fighting and will put it all on the line when he faces the highly experienced and dangerous Pov.

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Ghosh VS Chor Pov

Kicking off our historic event will be India’s Anubhav Kumar Verma, who has won medals in several state level boxing competitions and is 1-0 in MMA will be facing Ouch Thearith, 76-20-5 in Kun Khmeri. At just the age of 23, “The Fox” Ouch has performed in over 100 Kun Khmer bouts. “Peshwa” Verma will look to stop his Cambodian-born opponent at 61 kg.

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash announced for December 10 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Anubhav Verma VS Ouch Thearith

BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash on December 10 will be hosted at Space Plus in Bangkok, the action will start at 4:30pm on December 10.

Viewers can enjoy this fight event LIVE on the BKFC app.

About BKFC Asia

BKFC Asia events are managed by Mr. Nick Chapman and Mr. Vathanai Vathanakul. BKFC Asia features a series of bare-knuckle fighting events to be held on a monthly basis in Thailand. Our events will encompass a traditional bare-knuckle boxing style while utilizing a specifically created rule set that emphasizes the half Thai clinch with punching strikes allowed inside the clinch.

All bouts will be held in a revolutionary circular four-rope ring, designed to encourage fast-paced and exciting bouts. The patented BKFC “Squared Circle” contains scratch lines, based on the Broughton Rules which governed bare-knuckle fighting in the 19th century, and which requires fighters to “Toe the Line”: starting every round face to face, and just 3 feet apart.

Only established professionals in boxing, MMA, kickboxing, Lethwei, or Muay Thai will be allowed to compete. The referees, judges, and officials will also be required to have extensive professional combat sports experience.

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BKFC Asia 4: The Big Bash – December 10 Fight Card

11: Main Event: 70kg – Lightweight

Rolando Gabriel Dy (Philippines) vs Apisit Sangmuang (Thailand)

10: Co-main 56 kg – Women’s Flyweight

Tai Emery (Australia) vs Po Denman (Thailand)

9: 74 kg

Gligor Stojanov (Switzerland) vs Gilbert Patrocinio (Brazil)

8: 64kg

Tetee Denman (Thailand) vs Saw Htoo Aung (Myanmar)

7: 68kg

Gustaf Cedermalm (Sweden) vs Alex Castro (Guam)

6: 66kg

Sohanne BENGANA (Algeria) vs Frankke Siharach Srisang (Thailand)

5: 66kg

Poorya Mokhtari (Iran) vs Joemil Miado (Philippines)

4: 60kg

Aem Ratha (Cambodia) vs Rithi Chaichit (Cambodia)

3: 66kg

Boon Sarun (Thailand) vs Victor Booty (UK)

2: 61kg

Patho Ghosh (Indian) vs Chor Pov (Cambodia)

1: 61kg

Anubhav Kumar Verma (India) vs Ouch Thearith (Cambodian)

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