Thai education set to change, prepare students for the future


Teachers may have to mix things up in the classroom. Thailand education officials are planning to change teaching with a new model they call “Education Eco-System.” The goal is to prep students for the rapidly changing future, the Education Ministry says.

Along with a new curriculum, tests will be used less to evaluate students. With demands for a competitive labour force, education officials also plan to create more opportunities for students to learn specialised skills by upping the capacity at vocational schools as well as primary and secondary schools. Minister of Education Nataphol Teepsuwan says the overall plan is to “unlock, change and widen” education.

“Thai education must shift in a way where students depart from their ‘fixed mindset’ of the past and begin to incorporate a ‘growth mindset’ in their daily lives. This is what the Education Eco-System strives to achieve. This is the modern Ministry of Education that I plan to establish.”

Part of the plan, which Teepsuwan says will “unlock” the education system, will focus on bridging the gap between state education agencies and employers. Employers, both in Thailand and overseas, will be able to provide information on skills they seek for potential employees.

“21st century has presented itself as an era where growth in knowledge is rapidly changing at an exponential rate. Consequently, the global supply of skilled labour becomes more competitive to meet new expectations. Hence, the need for individuals to become adaptive in a fast-paced environment becomes critical. The problem is straightforward, Thai education has yet to move much at all.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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