Thai woman confesses to beating 6 year old granddaughter to death with pestle

Today, a 47 year old Thai woman confessed to hitting her 6 year old granddaughter’s head with a pestle until she died on Wednesday, June 22, in Pathum Thani province in central Thailand.

On Wednesday night, police received a report that a 6 year old girl had died inside a rented room in Som Khok District in Pathum Thani province. Officers arrived at the scene to find a 6 year old girl lying dead on a bed next to her 47 year old grandmother, La-or Yansawan, her husband, 48 year old Paiboon Yansawan, and La-or’s 10 year old daughter.

The child’s autopsy results showed she suffered multiple injuries: a collapsed skull on the right side, black left eye, bruised left ribcage, swollen stomach, swollen genitals, infected wound on her thumb and swollen fingers on her left hand, mark caused by a sharp object on her left arm and scab wounds all over her body.

At first, La-or told police that a dog cage fell on her granddaughter’s head last month, causing her sustained injuries. La-or said she shaved her head to help the wound heal and added her granddaughter kept scratching the wound which prevented it from healing. She wouldn’t tell police how her granddaughter died.

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When the young girl’s autopsy results came out, La-or said the infected wound on the child’s thumb was from when her granddaughter’s hand got trapped in a door. She said the wound was left untreated, causing inflammation that spread.

La-or said the wound on the girl’s arm was from when La-or was cooking and asked her 10 year old daughter to fetch her a knife. La-or said her granddaughter ran to get the knife first, and the two children wrestled to get the knife until it stabbed the 6 year old in the arm.

La-or said her granddaughter’s genitals were bruised because she “disciplined” her granddaughter because she “wasn’t excreting properly.”

The woman refused to tell police how her granddaughter died until today. At Sam Khok Police Station, La-or confessed to hitting her granddaughter in the head with a pestle until she died.

Villagers told police that they often heard the two children crying from inside the rooms because La-or and her husband were arguing. They said the children were imprisoned in the room.

La-or told police the children never went outside because La-or was scared of Covid-19, so all 3 of them stayed inside every day.

The girl’s father has picked up the 6 year old’s body from the hospital to hold a funeral.

SOURCE: Kapook

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