Thai woman arrested over the illegal sale of 520 registered sim cards on Facebook

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In a coordinated operation, police arrested a 32 year old Thai woman found with 520 registered mobile sims. These were being sold illegally through Facebook under the name ‘Nan An.’ The case follows the discovery of a large-scale fraudulent sim card sale back in May. Among the prominent individuals allegedly involved in the operation were Assistant Commissioner Lakoakorn Lukrak and Police Lieutenant Colonel Chatpantakan Klayklueng.

The offence levelled against the individual, referred to only by her first name, Pajaree, contravenes the 2023 Act on the Prevention and Suppression of Technology Crimes. It involves someone acting as a courier to advertise the sale of mobile numbers for mobile services that have already been registered under another individual’s name. The operation was carried out at a residence in Soi Phetkasem 65/1, Laksong District, Bang Khae, Bangkok.

There was a comprehensive investigation into Pajaree’s activities following the discovery of the sim card sale on Facebook on May 26. Upon contacting ‘Nan An’ and purchasing some sims for inspection, police discovered that the telephone numbers had indeed already been registered. Each registration was oddly done using the same national identification number but was distributed across multiple sim card numbers.

Pajaree gave a confession once questioned, leading to her being handed over to the Second Supervisor Division, Technology Crime Suppression Division, for further legal proceedings. The seized 520 mobile sim cards now serve as case evidence.

In May, police arrested a 17 year old boy who sold ghost SIM cards online at his house in Ranong province in southern Thailand. The teenager used information from his previous customers to repeatedly register SIM cards for sale. Narudom managed to make over 500 transactions.

Officers from the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau raided a house in the Khao Niwet sub-district, Mueng district, Ranong province yesterday and arrested the teenager, Narudom, also known as M, who sold ghost SIM cards via a Facebook account called Mr M (นาย’ย เอ็ม’ม). To read more click HERE.

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