Thai Immigration police arrest two more “undesirables”


Immigration officials at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport have arrested a Syrian national travelling on a fake United Arab Emirates passport.

The 18-year-old man was en route to London, with a layover in Thailand. He told officials he was planning to seek asylum in the UK but was also in possession of a plane ticket from London to Germany.

The man says he paid 1,500 US dollars for the fake passport, which was sent to him by his brother in Lebanon. Biometrics software at Suvarnabhumi meant officers were able to identify the passport as fake, leading to the man’s arrest.

Meanwhile, in a separate arrest, a Finnish man has been detained after he attempted to leave the country after allegedly beating up a Thai woman.

Following the assault, the woman filed a police report in Chonburi province, in the east of the country, and an alert was issued to all immigration checkpoints around the country.

The man was arrested at Suvarnabhumi airport later that evening.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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