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Road rage incident leaves truck driver traumatised

A male truck driver has been left traumatised after a road rage incident.

Chan Duangkratok says he suffers from sleepless nights since he was attacked by 10 men in the Nong Hong sub-district, Phan Thong district in Chon Buri, last weekend.

A construction materials store security camera captured footage of the young men physically attack the truck driver with what looked like a metal stick on Saturday. The hooligans also caused damaged to the victim’s vehicle.

The 54 year old suffered cuts and bruises while his truck was left with a broken windscreen. The incident was allegedly sparked when the thugs accused the truck driver of blocking their route.

Chan says he was going to apologise to the men but the men attacked him with a metal stick. He added that he is so stressed by the traumatic incident that he can’t sleep at night.

The owner of the store, Wanchai Santiwanakul, says he was afraid to get involved and could only watch the incident in horror until the suspects fled the scene.

Chief of Phan Thong Police Prasert Kulabutdee added he has spoken with Chan is waiting for medical results as evidence to file a lawsuit against the suspects.

Source Pattaya News

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