Thai PM suggest people only drive for “essential journeys”

Amidst the global surge in fuel prices impacting Thailand, a spokesman for PM Prayut Chan-o-cha is giving drivers some advice. The spokesman, Thanakorn Wangbunkhongchana, said yesterday that Prayut wants to keep prices as low as possible to help people avoid economic hardship. He said Prayut suggests people only use their private vehicles for “essential journeys” since the price of petrol is rising almost every day.

Thanakorn said Prayut is following the fuel price situation now that the school year has begun, and people are driving more to send their children to school. Gasohol currently costs 43.5 baht per litre, Benzene 95 costs 50.9 baht per litre. Diesel costs about 32 baht per litre. The actual retail price on diesel is now more than 40 baht per litre, although the government has been able to cap the price through a subsidy.

The Thaiger topped up with 500 baht of ’91’ rated petrol today at the retail price of 44.07 baht a litre. A year ago it was always available for less than 30 baht a litre. In the past the 500 baht would half fill the tank of The Thager’s small SUV. Now 500 baht barely pushes the needle to one-third full.

Thai PM suggest people only drive for "essential journeys" | News by Thaiger

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As Thailand’s fuel prices climb, workers are struggling. Some delivery drivers are saying the country’s attempts at subsidies aren’t helping them much. One motorcycle taxi driver told Thai PBS World that, even though the government offers a 250 baht discount per month on benzene or gasohol, it’s not worth it when he has to travel a long distance for it.

The driver added that not many petrol stations have joined the scheme. Deputy Director-General of the Department of Energy Business Patteera Saipratumtip said that by May 20, about 1,000 gas stations had joined the “Win Save” discount program.

The rising fuel prices, globally, are another challenge for Thailand’s recovering tourism industry with the price of flights, into and around Thailand, steadily rising as well. And the government is now both encouraging locals to travel more to help the ailing tourist industry whilst also, now, suggesting they limit their trips to “essential journeys”.

SOURCE: Sanook

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