Phuket man fires gun in hospital car park in spat over parking space

Phuket man fires gun in parking lot, screen grab from CCTV footage via The Phuket Express.

Yet another parking spat in Thailand has resulted in a gun being drawn.

A Phuket man yesterday fired a gun at another man’s car in a hospital parking lot in a spat over parking space. The incident happened on the fifth floor of Vachira Phuket Hospital’s car park building at 9.30am.

The man, 31 year old Thanakorn Thongek, had reportedly been attempting to back into an empty parking space, however, another car was too close behind for him to park.

The driver of the car behind Thanakorn, Natthapat, told police he first gave a short honk to warn Thanakorn that he was behind him. He then gave another honk that was longer.

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In response, Thanakorn got out of his pickup truck to tell Nattaphat that he wanted to back into the parking space. The Phuket News reports that the exact words used remain disputed. However, Natthapat said that when he realised what Thanakorn wanted to do, he reversed his car to give Thanakorn enough space. Natthapat said that after Thanakorn had parked his pickup, he started to drive away.

But Natthapat said that when his car was already some distance away, Thanakorn walked out of his pickup with a handgun, and fired at his car.

Thanakorn’s bullet ended up missing Natthapat’s car, hitting a parked Honda instead.

Natthapat’s mother was in the car with him throughout the incident, as he was taking her to a scheduled appointment.

The Phuket City Police arrived on the scene to find Thanakorn still carrying the handgun, as well as 13 bullets. Officers chained and locked his pickup’s wheels, to ensure the pickup would remain in custody as evidence.

CCTV footage of the incident reportedly appears to support Natthapat’s version of events, however, the police are continuing to investigate.

Police have now filed preliminary charges against Thanakorn of attempted murder, as well as carrying and discharging a firearm in a public space.

According to The Phuket Express, Tanakorn claimed that the other driver was rude to him and blamed the driver for starting the argument. It was also reported that an unidentified passenger tried to calm Tanakorn down, but was unsuccessful.

Thanakorn also disclosed that he has been suffering from depression since his father’s suicide, for which his father had used the same gun.

One of Thanakorn’s uncles defended him, saying that Thanakorn had suffered mental and emotional trauma since his father’s death. The uncle said that Thanakorn started playing with guns two years ago, and practised at a shooting range.

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