Nonthaburi clash over cruel joke triggers shocking gunfire: Three injured

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A cruel joke resulted in shocking gunfire, with a total of seven shots fired and three people injured. The incident took place around 10pm yesterday, in front of Building 85 in the Euar Arthorn 2 Project area, in the Pak Kret district of Nonthaburi, Thailand.

The scene of the incident revealed a littering of bullet casings, six in total, along with a one-foot-long knife. There was also the presence of shattered alcohol bottles. An initial investigation identified the injured as a 50 year old Nueng, who had been shot in the right rib and left elbow and sustained a leg injury from a broken bottle. Two other victims, 32 year old Saknarong, and 33 year old Wissanu suffered knife wounds.

The 13 year old daughter of Saknarong had made a frantic call to her father to report that a group of men had harassed her and damaged her mobile phone. Saknarong and his friend arrived on the scene to confront the group but were attacked with knives, resulting in injuries, reported Sanook.

Nam, the daughter of Saknarin, reported that she and a friend were walking past the men when one suddenly urinated in their path causing them to flee but not before tripping and injuring herself.

She immediately called her father, who arrived with his friend to confront the group of around 4-5 men who were drinking in front of the building. An argument erupted, following which the group attacked the father and his friend with bottles and knives, forcing them to flee. The father then called his friends for help, which escalated the situation, resulting in gunfire and injuries.

Following the incident, the police arrived on the scene. Preliminary information suggested that one man, identified as Nueng, who tried to intervene in the quarrel, got shot and injured.

Kamonrat, who caught the whole incident on her phone, revealed that she had filmed the events after hearing the quarrel from her room.

The footage showed the altercation escalating with weapons, including knives, sticks and bottles, and culminating in several gunshots. She immediately called the police.

The police, upon investigation, concluded that the father of the girl tried to confront the men who had scared his daughter, causing her to flee and get hurt. This led to a vicious altercation involving knives and guns.

The police are currently questioning witnesses and the injured for a comprehensive account of the incident, as well as identifying the individual responsible for opening fire.

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