Mother-in-law’s intervention in family dispute ends in fatal stabbing

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A domestic dispute turned deadly when a mother-in-law intervened in an argument between her daughter and son-in-law, leading to a fatal stabbing in a Bang Kruai residence. The incident occurred in the early hours of today.

Police Lieutenant Thanawat Chiwitsophon from Bang Kruai Police Station received a report at 12.20am about a fatal stabbing at a house in Maha Sawat subdistrict, Bang Kruai district, Nontha Buri province.

Officers, along with volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation and a forensic doctor, promptly arrived at the scene.

The two-storey townhouse was in disarray, with clear signs of a struggle. A blood-stained kitchen knife, approximately eight inches long, was found on the floor.

In the living room, the body of 38 year old Warakorn was discovered with multiple stab wounds, including one under his left ribcage that pierced his heart, and others on his right wrist and shoulder.

An initial investigation revealed that his wife, 37 year old Kanyakorn, had argued with her husband over his video call with another woman.

During the heated exchange, Kanyakorn’s 55 year old mother Anan, unnoticed, intervened with a knife, leading to Warakorn’s death.

Police quickly detained Anan, who had a cut on her left hand and bloodstains on her clothes. She received first aid before being taken to Bang Kruai Police Station.

Ongoing conflicts

Kanyakorn, who was present during the incident, was in a state of shock and had to be taken to Maha Sawat Hospital after fainting. She later recounted that she and Warakorn had been married for 20 years and had ongoing conflicts with her mother in recent years.

The argument escalated when she saw Warakorn video calling another woman and tried to snatch his phone, but did not notice her mother approaching with a knife.

“My husband and my mother have been fighting for a long time, often using harsh language. I’ve always tried to mediate because I feel sorry for our children. I never thought it would escalate to this point.”

Warakorn’s father, 61 year old Narong, described his son as a complex individual with issues related to women, online gambling, and significant debt. Despite these problems, Warakorn was a family man and worked as a gas delivery driver and manager at a shop, said Narong.

“I think the root of the problem might be his debts. He took money from both me and his wife, which probably amounted to millions. I want to take care of my grandchildren now but I’m not sure if they will come to live with me.”

At 2am, a forensic doctor examined Anan at Bang Kruai Police Station and collected evidence. The police have detained Anan for questioning and legal proceedings.

She remains in a state of shock and has not yet provided a statement. Officers plan to interview her again once her mental state improves, reported Khaosod.

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