Man shot dead by officers after he stormed a police station

A man wielding a baseball bat was shot dead by officers after he stormed a police station, smashed up police vehicles, and taunted officers in the Isaan province of Ubon Ratchathani. The man’s family is seeking justice because they believe the police used excessive force.

The 32 year old man, Pattawin, drove a white sedan car into Nam Yuen Police Station in Ubon Ratchathani yesterday at about 2.45pm, parked up and launched four firecracker balls into the car park from his window.

Pattawin then got out of his car wielding a 50-centimetre baseball bat and tried to attack officers who were trying to calm him down. He failed to land a hit on an officer so turned his ire on the station’s stationary vehicles, cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, parked in the area.

Pattawin then marched toward the police station’s glass door and smashed it. As a result police officer Wuttikorn Yuensook fell to the floor. Wuttikorn shot Pattawin in the leg but the wound didn’t stop him. Pattawin limped to his car, took out an iron bar and returned to beat Wuttikorn with it.

Another police officer, Suthat Sirachai, shot Pattawin in the leg to stop him. They were fighting and Pattawin was shot again in his stomach. There was no report on who shot Pattawin for the third time. The assailant fell to the ground where he lost consciousness.

Pattawin and Wuttikorn were sent to hospital to be treated for their injuries but Pattawin later passed away.

Pattawin’s father, 47 year old Man Kawanta, revealed his son never used drugs, but he did add he was receiving psychiatric treatment at Phra Si Maha Pho Hospital.

Man said his son recovered and was working in Rayong province for six years but returned home three weeks ago.

Man revealed that his son was attacked and arrested by the police a long time ago but didn’t think that his son would take revenge for that case.

Man believes the police officers went too far and said he wasn’t carrying a knife or gun, just a baseball bat, an iron bar, and some firecrackers.

Pattawin’s father asked for footage from the police station’s security cameras, but the officers informed him that they were broken.

The Commander of Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Police, Sataporn Aim-oat, reported to the Thai media that he was gathering evidence and questioning witnesses. Sataporn added he would serve justice to both parties.

SOURCE: Thairath | Channel 3

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