Man shoots brother with homemade gun over household dispute, faces murder charge

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A 35 year old man has been taken into custody, accused of fatally shooting his older sibling in a household dispute. He was apprehended for using a homemade Thai gun to shoot his 41 year old brother, resulting in his death in their home in Huay Chiang, Kan Chong, Wat Bot, Phitsanulok province that night. After the incident, he hid the gun behind the crime scene and fled to the forest.

On September 4, Phitchanulok Police Commander Thawatch Wongsanga, along with Visut Klaisaeng, director of Wat Bot Police Station, and deputy director Naruenat Boonchuang, interrogated the younger brother for additional information.

The police followed Phairat and arrested him in some grassland not far from his home. They also seized the discarded gun used to shoot his brother. Phairat told the police that he and his brother Denchia often quarrelled over issues related to the usage of household items and agricultural vehicles.

He revealed that they drank separately before meeting at home and had another argument. Phairat claimed that he picked up the gun but Denchai intervened and accused him of wanting to shoot. He maintained that he intended to go into the forest but the gun accidentally fired, killing his brother, reported Sanook.

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Thawatch Wongsanga, Phitchanulok Provincial Police Commander, stated that while Phairat’s testimony is his right, the case will be considered based on the evidence and the results of the forensic examination by the evidence-proving officers. The initial examination revealed a gunshot wound on the neck and about 4-5 centimetre scratch wounds on the forehead and back of the head. The police are waiting for further examination results as the evidence contradicts the perpetrator’s account that the gun was accidentally fired at his brother.

The 64 year old mother of the brothers, Jan Hom, said she has three children. Denchai was the eldest, followed by Phairat, and she has a daughter living in another province. Before the incident, Jan Hom lived alone until Phairat moved back home after divorcing his wife, followed by Denchai six months ago after he also divorced.

On the night of the incident, Jan Hom was taking a bath when she heard her sons arguing and then a gunshot. She rushed to see what happened and found Denchai dead. She immediately informed the police.

Jan Hom revealed that both her sons often argued over their shared e-tan vehicle used for transporting cassava, and other household items. The police took Phairat for further detailed interrogation and initially charged him with the intentional murder of his brother and illegal possession of a gun before detaining him for further legal proceedings.

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