Ladyboy steals English tourist’s gold necklace in Phuket

Police managed to reunite an English tourist with his gold necklace after it was snatched by a ladyboy in the Patong area of Phuket, southern Thailand, in the early hours of this morning.

At 4.30am, officers at Patong Police Station were informed that a tourist’s gold necklace was stolen in front of the Central Department Store in Patong.

Police rushed to the scene to find a forlorn British tourist named Dillon who told them a ladyboy snatched the gold necklace from his neck and ran into a bathroom at a bar. Police raided the bar and looked in the bathroom but couldn’t find the thief, or the necklace.

Then, Dillon’s friend said he saw the offending ladyboy at the end of Bangla Road, so police whizzed to the scene.

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Police found the assailant, 26 year old Chakri “Tan” Kaewakahad standing on the Rat Uthit 200 Year Road. Dillon confirmed it was her who stole his necklace.

The thief was marched down to Patong Police Station but denied stealing Dillon’s necklace. Police searched and found nothing illegal on her and no sign of the gold necklace until the police asked Tan to take off her high-heeled shoes. Inside the right shoe, wrapped in tissue, was Dillon’s gold necklace.

Police charged Tan, from Sing Buri province, with “snatching and thieving property.” Tan’s record revealed that this is not the first time she has been in the police station for theft.

Patong Police officers said Tan would be prosecuted according to the law.

After a pointing photography session, Dillon and his gold necklace were sent on their way, and all was rosy thanks to the swift actions of the Patong Police.

In December, two ladyboys stole a Russian tourist’s gold necklace in Pattaya, Chon Buri province.

He said the ladyboys molested him and untied his gold necklace on the beach outside Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya Shopping Centre in Bang Lamung district.

The Tourist Police rushed to the scene and caught the thieves red-handed clutching a gold necklace. Police arrested 38 year old Kittiphan and 29 year old Aniwat and took them to the station for further legal proceedings.

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