Phuket couple held with thousands of meth pills and illegal firearm

Picture courtesy of Kathu Police.

In the early hours of yesterday, a man and woman were apprehended in Phuket, Thailand, after they were discovered to be in possession of 27,000 Yaba pills, an illegal form of methamphetamine, and over 900 grams of ya ice, a form of crystal meth.

The duo, namely 39 year old Wirawong “Nueng’ Noichan,” who is a resident of Prabaramee Road, in Patong, and 31 year old Bulin “Fon” Decha, residing in Moo 1, Kathu, Phuket were unexpectedly caught in an unregistered rental room in Soi Thida, Kathu.

Adding to the severity of their offences, the officers discovered an illegally manufactured handgun and three .38-calibre bullets in their possession, further intensifying the gravity of the charges they now face.

According to the police report, a number of other items were seized during the raid including a car and six motorcycles which will undoubtedly be added to the list of impending charges the pair now face, reported The Phuket News.

During subsequent interrogations at Kathu Police Station, both confessed that the drugs found were indeed in their possession. They also admitted to planning a distribution network, intending to sell the narcotics across the region, local police reported.

As it stands, the couple is facing charges of joint possession of drugs and firearms. Moreover, Noichan is facing an additional charge due to his possession of the illegal firearm, accentuating their dire situation.

As part of current legal proceedings, Kathu Police are diligently continuing with their investigation related to the seized drugs. This exhaustive process will surely unfold further implications for the couple as they face their legal reckoning.

In June, Police in Phayao Province yesterday conducted a raid on a residential property leading to the arrest of two suspected drug users. Officers discovered five methamphetamine tablets on the premises and later found 311 more meth tablets concealed within a pillow. To read more click HERE

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