Whistleblower’s deadly game: Ex-Thai League referee commits foul murder in Pattaya

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A horrifying scene played out yesterday when a former Thai League football referee took a woman’s life in a brutal murder before succumbing to self-inflicted wounds in Pattaya. The gruesome murder incident transpired at a three-storey lodging establishment, featuring a café and shophouse, situated along the Jomtien Beach Road in the Banglamung district of Chon Buri. The heated event transpired yesterday, around 11.15am, according to Pol. Capt. Chonlawit Athiphansi.

The assailant was recognised as Sunthorn Porjai, a 57 year old fitness trainer, known in his previous profession as a referee in the Thai League. Upon the police officer’s arrival, they found Sunthorn in a frenzied state, displaying a grievous slash on his neck and wielding a 40cm long knife, the blade epically stained with blood. He had somehow managed to secure the weapon to his wrist with a strap. As Sunthorn looked on the brink of losing consciousness due to his injuries, officers quickly disarmed him. He was rushed off to Pattaya Hospital, however, his wounds were so severe that he died.

Officers at the scene discovered an additional horrific scene – a woman dead behind a counter, in a grim pool of blood. The deceased, 51 year old Saowajee Lekkhian, was the proprietor of the lodging venue. She suffered multiple stab wounds to her back, abdomen and throat, coupled with head injuries, signalling a horrifically violent encounter. Tragically, she was already dead when found at the scene, reported The Pattaya News. A motorbike taxi rider, who went by the name of Kob, said…

“I heard a woman’s terrified screams.”

Kob was a bystander who bore witness to the chilling event. Upon hearing the disturbance, he rushed towards the sound, only to find Sunthorn in a bloody and delirious frenzy, self-inflicting wounds with the knife that had, moments prior, taken a woman’s life. Kob tried to intervene by calling for help, but his efforts were in vain as Sunthorn brandished his knife, barring anyone’s close approach. This tumultuous murder scene ultimately ended when rescuers, notably Pattaya Beach lifeguards, successfully deterred Sunthorn by physically dragging him away from the crime scene.

The victim’s spouse, 58 year old Prakort Lekkhian, was dumbfounded by the tragedy. He had shared a 20-year union with his wife and they had raised two children together. Prakort remained unsure about the motive behind the brutal act.

Consequently, the police are investigating the murder incident with all possible angles in mind. Pattaya Police Station’s superintendent, Pol. Col. Thanapong Phothi floated a theory about a potential clandestine affair between Sunthorn and Saowajee, which might have triggered the grim event. His suspicion was fuelled by a previous report by the deceased, wherein she had informed local police about being threatened by Sunthorn over the phone.

As this tragic tale unfolds, the police are committed to uncovering the truth behind the motives that led to such a horrifying act.

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