Judge fined, driving licence suspended after Chiang Mai drink-driving crash

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A court in Chiang Mai has fined a senior judge 14,500 baht and suspended his driving licence for 6 months after he caused a collision while drink-driving. Video footage posted on social media on December 31 shows a car driving into a rescue operation car at an intersection in the Muang district of Chiang Mai.

The Bangkok Post reports that Charnsak Somprayot, who is a deputy chief justice of Region 5, has been charged with reckless driving, refusing to submit to a breathalyser test, and failing to stop to help a damaged party.

The Chiang Mai Subdistrict Court found him guilty of violating the Land Traffic Act and originally fined 29,500 baht for the drink-driving offence. However, the fine was reduced by half as a result of Charnsak’s confession and the fact that he paid financial compensation to the other party.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Judiciary is awaiting the result of an investigation being carried out by the Office of the Chief Justice Region 5 before deciding what further action, if any, to take against Charnsak. The judge can also lodge an appeal against the court’s ruling.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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