Jealous husband slits wife’s throat after row over 500 baht

Photo via Chanawin Sonrayothin and แจ้งข่าวสารอ่างทอง

A jealous husband slit his wife’s throat in a row over money in her restaurant in the middle of a market in the central province of Ang Thong before attempting to commit suicide.

Ekkachai Lomrai used a chef knife to murder his wife, Patcha Poonthongkam, in Sawaeng Ha Market on Sawaeng Ha – Pho Thong Road in Ang Thong, after an argument broke out over 500 baht.

The 46 year old man then tried to commit suicide, stabbing himself in the chest and cutting his throat with the knife he used to murder his 59 year old wife.

Police arrived at the scene yesterday and tried to convince Ekkachai to surrender. Instead, the troubled man turned on the cooking gas and threatened to blow up the restaurant and marketplace.

But in a dramatic scene, officers eventually managed to apprehend Ekkachai and send him to a hospital for treatment of two severe wounds to the neck and chest.

The wife’s brother, Kasem Boonpitak, informed the police that the two had only been together for a couple of months and that added Ekkachai had a violent jealous streak.

A witness to the incident, Yoi Yamtest, reported she heard the man ask his wife for 500 baht. The 62 year old added she didn’t hear her reply, only witnessed the man grabbing a knife and cutting his wife’s throat. Yoi said she was scared and fled the scene to inform the dead woman’s brother of the news of what happened.

One market seller acknowledged he knew the man and said used to be the driver of a factory workers’ shuttle bus. The seller revealed that Ekkachai was very jealous and followed his wife everywhere, even to the toilet.

Police reported they are still investigating the incident to determine the motive of the murder. They added they still needed to question the injured man when he recovers from his injuries.

SOURCE: Khaosod | MGR Online

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