Impersonator accused of extorting 15,000 baht from migrants

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An alleged highway police impersonator in Chon Buri has been accused of extorting 15,000 baht from three migrant workers for not carrying their passports. The incident, which was captured in a video clip and shared on Facebook, reveals a man dressed like a police officer demanding the sum from the workers, threatening legal action that could result in a fine of 100,000 baht.

However, after negotiations, the amount was reduced to 5,000 baht. This event took place at the Wang Chan Highway Police Station in Rayong yesterday, May 1.

Following the post, the couple who captured the footage, 45 year old Narongsak Khunach, and 56 year old Thongbai Sombatboon, displayed a withdrawal slip for 5,000 baht (US$135), the amount they agreed to pay to the man masquerading as a highway officer.

On a public holiday, Narongsak had taken his employees and family, including 13 people—eight Thais and five Cambodians—on an outing. However, three of the Cambodian workers did not have their passports with them.

When stopped by the man posing as a highway officer, Narongsak showed photos of the passports stored on his mobile phone and confirmed that all workers had legal work permits. He was then told that each worker without a passport would be fined 5,000 baht (US$ 135), adding up to 15,000 baht (US$405) in total. He, being the employer, was facing a fine of 100,000 baht (US$2,700) if the case went to court, reported KhaoSod.

Narongsak recounted how they were called into the highway police station, where he had to negotiate due to the lack of sufficient funds, having pooled their money mainly for fuel for the trip. The workers, who were returning to their homes, had wanted to see the sea for the first time.

The conversation with the supposed officer led to a settlement of 5,000 baht, which Narongsak had to withdraw from an ATM as the man claimed he did not have a bank account to transfer the money to.

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