Community leaders killed in Pattani shooting at local football field

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A brazen shooting at a football field in the Pattani Province has resulted in the tragic loss of two community leaders. At around 6.30pm yesterday, gunmen opened fire, killing a subdistrict administrative organisation clerk and a village headman. Two bystanders, including a government official and a meatball vendor, were also injured in the incident.

The attack occurred at a football field in Datoh subdistrict, where the victims were reportedly unwinding after a local football match. Cherdchai Promradkaew, the 56 year old clerk, was found dead in his sports attire, having sustained two gunshots to the head.

Not far from him, the body of Sithichai Petchsuriya, the 47 year old village headman, lay in the grass with two gunshot wounds to his torso.

The two injured, Nattasak Srian, a 38 year old government official, and Makorseng, a 59 year old meatball vendor, were rushed to Mae Lan Hospital. Srian suffered a gunshot wound to the knee, and Makorseng was hit in the chest. Several M16 cartridge casings were also discovered at the scene, suggesting the use of military-grade weapons.

Initial investigations revealed that after the football match, the clerk was having coffee alone, and the headman was standing nearby. Four assailants arrived on two motorcycles.

The attackers, who were riding a pillion, approached the victims from behind and shot them at close range. The headman attempted to flee but was gunned down. The remaining two assailants fired warning shots into the air, presumably to deter any immediate intervention, before fleeing the scene, reported KhaoSod.

In the aftermath, military forces, including Special Task Force 43, coordinated a search within a 500-metre radius of the crime scene. Checkpoints were established to thoroughly scrutinise vehicles and individuals, as the police tightened security measures.

Police believe the attack was orchestrated by a group intent on creating unrest in the region.

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