Bangkok woman arrested for K-pop ticket scam, accused of defrauding 7,000-8,000 baht

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A 57 year old woman, known as Aunt Prayun, was arrested yesterday, for allegedly defrauding people by selling fake tickets and merchandise for popular K-pop bands. She was taken into custody from her rental home in the Phaya Thai district in Bangkok.

Prayun was accused of claiming to pawn her bank account for 7,000-8,000 baht she was netting selling fraudulent K-Pop tickets and items. The arrest was carried out by a special team led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Thitisan Sangsawang. The team had been ordered to investigate the case by Police Lieutenant General Thitirat Kitisara.

Prayun was apprehended under the arrest warrant number 183/2023, issued on June 14, by the Phitsanulok Provincial Court. She was charged with “deceiving the public, and dishonestly or fraudulently introducing into a computer system distorted or false computer data, in whole or in part, or false computer data, in a manner likely to cause damage to the public.”

The arrest followed a complaint from a Facebook user who was tricked into purchasing tickets and clothes representing renowned Korean K-Pop artists. The scammer used the account under the name Prayun to receive the transferred money.

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Upon investigation, it was found that this scammer selling K-Pop tickets and merch had a history of fraudulent accounts on the website, with 14 previous entries. The police then traced Prayun and discovered that she had been hiding at a rental house.

During the initial investigation, Prayun confessed that she had opened the account and given it to a friend at work, claiming it was pawned for 7,000-8,000 baht. She admitted she never reclaimed the account that was later used in the K-Pop ticket fraud scheme.

The police will now take Prayun to the Muang Phitsanulok Police Station in Phitsanulok Province to proceed with the legal case.

In a similar recent story, an online scammer impersonated well-known news anchor Arakar Jiwagit, also known as Kwang, and defrauded Thanasak, a former Bangkok Water Supply director, of nearly 20 million baht via a cryptocurrency investment.


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